Aignep: ordering pneumatics with a click

The reduction of product delivery terms, of the need of stocking them up as well as the optimization of order management costs have become irremissible factors for companies nowadays. A need particularly felt by small and medium manufacturers and end-users but also by big entrepreneurial realities that count various production sites and departments. Aignep, Italian company specialized in the production of components for pneumatics and solenoid valves, has devised an apposite APP for managing and sending orders with a simple click from an IOS-compatible terminal: Ipad, Iphone or Ipod. It is called AignepScan and you can download it free of charge from Internet or directly from the site It is sufficient to approach the QR code of a specific product to the terminal, to scan the label ā€“ positioned on the package or applied on the magazine shelves or on the production line borders – to digit the desired quantity and to send the order.