MECSPE, March 28th 2014, A CONFERENCE

A conference on gear machining – from complex processes to standard machines

Power Management

The industry that produces gears on a world scale more and more often hears two words: LEAN and FLEXIBLE. These two terms seem to be the “magic keys” to reach a higher productivity. The machining processes of gears are evolving, extensively improving all technologies: from design to production ones, with standard machining centres.

For this reason the editorial staffs of the reviews MACCHINE UTENSILI and ORGANI DI TRASMISSIONE have organized a conference aimed at presenting a survey of the most interesting technological novelties, directly giving the floor to the suppliers of such solutions.

In short time visitors will have the possibility of receiving an exhaustive survey about all the best it is possible to introduce in the machining processes of gears, with the possibility of thoroughly analysing technical-applicative aspects directly with the protagonists at the end of the conference.

The conference will be held in the ambit of MECSPE exhibition and will take place on March 28th, starting from 2 p.m. in the room B of Hall 7 of Parma fairgrounds.

The programme involves the participation of several speakers, representing the companies that today offer some of the most effective technological novelties in the gear machining.

At present, the following companies have already joined the initiative, as speakers: Bellini, Bitek (Kapp-Niles), Breton, Febametal, Gleason, Heller, KissSoft, Montronix and Ridix.

The convention will be chaired by the professor Carlo Gorla, Politecnico di Milano and technical manager of the review ORGANI DI TRASMISSIONE.

Direct Contact

Anna Bonanomi of the editorial staff of “Organi di Trasmissione” (  phone 0239090300)

and Marco Lombardi of the editorial staff of “Macchine Utensili” (, phone 0239090285)

are available for  further information about the possible free of charge participation in the convention.


Thanks for your collaboration!