Distribution plants of compressed air

New mounting brackets for Teseo profiles

Teseo is introducing new mounting brackets, for ceiling and wall mounting, allowing pipes to slide smoothly and speeding up the installation of  Teseo distribution lines.

Teseo srl, specializing in the design, production and sale of aluminum piping and fittings for the construction of distribution plants for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other fluids under pressure, is introducing new ceiling- and wall-mounting brackets for easy, fast and safe installation of AP and HBS aluminium piping.Fig1_Teseo

Responding to market demand, requiring installers to cut installation times and costs with easier, quicker and cost-effective solutions, Teseo has developed a new range of mounting brackets. Designed to fasten profiles to walls or structures, or suspending piping from a ceiling using wires or studding.

The new mounting brackets are made of electrolytic galvanized sheet steel. The “U” shape provides for an easy positioning of the profile, while two clamping “wings”  lock the profile in place. For improved safety, side holes are provided to insert screws that prevent the profile from slipping off the bracket. Safety screw and bolt are included in the new bracket kit.

The dynamic shape of the new accessory allows the pipe to slide smoothly inside the bracket. As a result, assembling, maintenance and modification operations are simplified and accelerated. The new bracket concept also compensates for heat expansion due to room temperature variations (day/night, summer/winter), as the pipe is free to move axially.

New brackets are available for 50, 63, 80 and 110 HBS profiles and for all large diameters (45, 54 and 68) of the new AP range.

«Our R&D team is constantly committed to the development of innovative solutions to enhance and optimize our distribution systems for compressed air and other fluids under pressure – said Gianfranco Guzzoni, founder and managing director of Teseo -. As a result, we can offer leading-edge high-tech products, designed to simplify the work of installers, increasing their loyalty and encouraging them to select our systems for the transport of non-hazardous technical fluids».