Pneumatic automation

A moulded connection box     

To optimize the wirings inside a pneumatic, automation or electric system, the Italian company Omal Srl has developed a moulded connection box, with the possibility of concentrating in little space (around 120 mm x 35 mm), up to a maximum of 12 points (IN or OUT), inserting typologies of moulded connectors (DIN or circular) or wired upon demand; each DIN connector can have integrated with Led and electronic components for the overvoltages protection against and voltage straightening systems, too. The possibility of using different typologies of cables and lenghts for each connector makes the system totally flexible, meeting each customer’s specific requirements and each application. Concerning the printed circuit, it is possible to evaluate eventual internal connection variants, trying to propose a customizable, small-size and low-cost product to the reference market. Each Connection box is tested by specific software, developed for each product, to grant a qualitative and reliability standard compliant with current customers’ needs. The system is provided with label customizable with electric diagram, customized logo and further eventual additional information requested.