Implementation in the digital pressure switches                    


Established in 1995, the Italian company Parsec has undertaken the trade activity of industrial automation components in Italy. Since 1996, they have marketed in exclusive for Italy the products by Kita Sensor, Taiwanese company specialized in the manufacturing of magnetic sensors perfectly compatible with all major producers of pneumatic cylinders. Since 2006, the production of Kita Sensor has been joined also by some families of digital pressure switches for the control of air and inert gases. Today they present the latest implementation in the family of digital pressure switches. KP45 is a digital pressure switch with two-colour display and adjustable hysteresis. Available in three regulation ranges: 0/-1 Bar, -1/10 Bar and -1/1 Bar, with 2 PNP or NPN outputs and one analogue output in current (4-20mA) or in voltage (1-5V); it is equipped with connector to facilitate the wiring. The product, besides being IP65-certified for the dust- and water-tightness, has also achieved the UL/CSA certification for the sales in United States and Canada, thus increasing its sale potential for their customers.