Solutions for compressed air distribution

A new 36-mm diameter for the AP piping and new profile accessories

The Italian company Teseo srl is specialized in the design, production and sale of aluminum piping and fittings for the construction of distribution plants for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other fluids under pressure.Fig1_Teseo

Teseo now presents the new AP36 diameter for the AP range of compressed air distribution piping. The new profile adds to the AP range, filling the gap between AP28 and AP45 diameters. AP36 offers lighter weight and quicker assembling compared to the D32 profile of the HBS line, featuring all the benefits of the new AP range: with its unique design and wide range of accessories, AP speeds up installation and plant modifications, also on complete installations. It can be installed using standard tooling, with few easy and safe operations, without any threading, welding or painting. All four profile faces can carry outlet plates or anchors. The new-generation joints have also been enhanced with a reduction of locking screws, which translates into significant installation time reduction. Also the new AP36 profile can be curved to make curves at 45 and 90 degrees or any required angle and shape.

The Italian company also offers the new HBS110 profile accessories will also be launched: the cross coupling for more compact bypass sections and “grid” distribution rings; the 45°-coupling to simplify the movement of parts and bridge level gaps within the plant; and the flanged terminal per for butterfly valves, tanks, filters and dryers. New accessories are designed to streamline installation work, providing solutions that simplify and speed up installation and modification procedures on distribution systems for compressed air and other non-hazardous fluids under pressure.