Focus on safety for the mobile machineries

A new steering unit with unrivalled flow amplification

Sauer-Danfoss puts the focus on safety, flexibility and cost efficiency in a new steering solution for medium-sized to larger

mobile machinery that combines strong, everyday performance with the market’s most efficient manual steering.

The OSPU steering unit offers exclusive flow amplification up to four times the unit’s 60-125 cm3 [3.6-7.6 in3]standard displacement. That secures a total displacement range of 120-500 cm3 [7.3-30.5 in3] at a pressure of 210 bars [3,045 psi] – ideal for 120-250 hp tractors, backhoe loaders and other medium-sized to larger machines.

Best-in-class Manual Steering

Sauer-Danfoss has designed the OSPU as an alternative to dual displacement steering units.

Due to its unique flow-amplifying capability (up to 1:4), the unit delivers best-in-class manual steering over a wide application range –  the compact design easing installation.

“The OSPU brings great flexibility to OEMs by adapting manual and normal steering performance to machine needs in a cost-effective way,” says Tom Rudolph, Product Marketing Manager.

“Thanks to the unit’s outstanding efficiency, no emergency steering pump is necessary even on larger vehicles. The unit enables OEMs to meet EU safety legislation easily,” In the event of an oil supply failure, the emergency function works by switching to the smaller displacement, enabling the operator to steer the vehicle manually.

Maximum  Control with Progressive Displacement

A new progressive displacement option secures smooth steering performance in both slow and fast steering modes, while maintaining optimal controllability, precision and operator comfort. The steadily increasing flow, which corresponds to steering speed, contributes to reduced operating costs.

The OSPU is the latest addition to the Sauer-Danfoss dual displacement steering product line, complementing the OSPD for easily maneuverable machines of all sizes. Each unit in the complete steering range combines superior performance with the highest standards of safety, operator comfort and low noise levels.