Even more efficiency for prolonged use

The new Mattei 4000 Series, with installed power levels from 55 to 110 kW, ensures quality and reliable compressed air even for prolonged use: designed for continuous industrial use 24/7, the units use Mattei rotary vane technology, which translates into high performances, low energy consumption, and simple, economic maintenance.

The cast iron vanes and other compressor moving parts run slowly and without friction on a layer of oil and have a practically unlimited product life. The electric motor, which turns at a speed of only 1500 rpm (1000 in the Maxima model), is directly coupled with the pump group by an elastic coupling. The direct coupling ensures further savings, as no energy is wasted by gears or trapezoidal belts, nor are there maintenance costs for replacing bearings.

The large-size filter system allows quality compressed air to be obtained for any application. The special oil separation on several levels ensures that the filter elements are long-lasting, allowing extremely low oil consumption and carry-over.

The soft-start function ensures easy and gradual machine start-up, without which the components of the compressor unit and coupling are overloaded by the starting of the electric motor.

The latter derives particular benefit as the absorbed current peaks and initial loads on the bearings are limited.

The new 4000 Series is extremely silent, due to its new noise shielding system and a different routing of the intake air for cooling.

Routine maintenance is limited to changing oil and cleaning or replacing the various filters. It is particularly simplified owing to the accessibility of the internal components with the functional opening of the body panelling; the pre-filters for the cooling air can be accessed externally and can be inspected and replaced immediately.

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