More compact by 45% and lighter

A new system of top technology valves

Aventics proposes the state-of-the art AV05 valves, made of plastic material, very compact and light. The compactness and the lightweight of AV05 valves result in better energy efficiency and easier installation in whatever context of industrial automation.Fig1_AVENTICS

AV05 represents a widening of the valve range AV03. In comparison with the models currently available on the market, the valves of the AV05 series are more compact by 45% and lighter than ever, they in fact weight only the half of standard metal valves.

A highly technological product, which boasts a good 9 patents, fruit of a new moulding process purposely developed for the implementation of the product structure that is diagonally developed. The use of particular polymers allows attaining a 40% lighter product than the previous lines and with low environmental impact.

AV05 valves can be positioned close to the actuator, in order to achieve minor reaction times, shorter cycles and minor energy consumptions.

The AV series can be installed in any context of industrial automation through the integrated electronics or through remote connections, they too made of plastic material, and it communicates with the most common fieldbuses. In this way, it suits all standard control systems in the sector of plant and mechanical engineering.

«We are very satisfied with this new product. Pneumatics is clearly our core business and the field where we know that we can rely on an extraordinary application know-how» states Fernando Gironi, general manager. «Our experience allows us to develop high-tech products constantly, to create a real advantage for our customers. The target consists in reducing more and more the gap between Research & Development and practical application and AV valves are a brilliant result of this constant commitment that characterizes us».