Compressors, oil-free and high efficiency

Water-cooled screw compressors of the new SO series by Boge produce oil-free compressed air in ultra-modern way for highly sensitive application sectors. The smart structure and the innovative cooling principle allow obtaining several advantages in the daily operation: reliable provisioning with oil-free compressed air, low energy costs and minimal maintenance expense.Fig2_BOGE

Thanks to a completely oil-free compression process, the new SO series by Boge is very suitable for sensitive production sectors where oil-free compressed air is necessary, like for instance in the pharmaceutical and food industry, the sector of beverages or of semiconductors. Today Boge has further developed its water-cooled oil free screw compressors with powers from 45 to 90 kW. Results are neat: the new screw compressors consume up to 8% less of energy, with 6% higher flow rates maximum. While operating, the new SO series is up to three times more silent. Boge has equipped all the machines of the SO series with IE3 electric motors of the Premium Efficiency class: they save energy since the first operation minute and provide for a production of compressed air optimized in long-term costs.

Efficiency and simple maintenance

The two-level operation of SO compressors, with a low-pressure and a high-pressure stage, allows achieving an extremely low specific power need. The special “compound” coating of rotors offers protection against corrosion and excellent resistance to the wear of the components of the compression group. All components are easily accessible and optimally arranged in the cooling airflow of the machine. The new SO series requires a small installation space and thanks to the lateral removable doors needs little lateral space. The choice of high-quality materials and the small number of components subjected to wear allow minimal maintenance and long service life. A radial fan is used for the cabin cooling. The fan provides for a powerful suction that permits the connection of longer ejection channels and very silent operation.

All models are optionally available also with cooling hood or heat recovery.

Dynamic speed regulation for an efficient operation

For an optimal adaptation to the needs of compressed air, all the models of the SO series are available, in the power class from 45 to 90 kW, also with inverter. In case of strongly variable need of compressed air, with low stocking volumes or in operation with load peaks, the advantages of this solution allow very low energy costs, thanks to the modulation of the compressor flow rate, with a seamless adjustment of the motor speed. The smooth starts and stops of compressors are executed in few seconds.

This allows saving in wear materials, minimizes maintenance costs and drastically reduces reaction times while functioning.