A news series of rapid levels

LV levels by Fratelli Giacomello.

Among many products, the Italian company F.lli Giacomello presents its LV and RL levels. The LV give the possibility to check the liquid level in a clear and precise way at any time.

They can be equipped with fixed electrical contacts on the ends or variables, fixed along the aluminum protection profile of the pipe.

The latter are positioned by the user at the required point along the level center distance and give an electrical outlet to automate the filling of the tanks.

Furthermore, the Levels can be equipped with taps that interrupt the flow of liquid from the tank to the level and of thermometers for monitoring the temperature inside it.

The interaxes supplied from 100 ÷ 4000 mm are able to satisfy the needs of each customer. In fact, they may be interchangeable with existing levels on the market and, above all, be “tailored” to customer needs.

Rapid levels have features that make them a unique product:

– They can be used for dirty liquids, water, oils, refrigerating oils and tolerate the presence of metallic particles, even ferrous, thanks to a float that does not carry a magnet and is integral with the rod.

– They ensure total safety, determined by the fact that the electrical part is totally separate in the side of the tank and perfectly sealed with respect to the external side, by means of ultrasonic welding and resin coating of the pins.

– The nylon-glass body is extremely robust under the mechanical aspect, extremely resistant under the chemical profile and ideal as an insulating container for Reed contacts.

– They are suitable to control dimensions up to 1000 mm, but with a simple modification of the float and the use of a different tube, it can control up to 3000 mm.

– The desired length can be obtained simply by cutting the steel rod with a simple pipe cutter; or the point of intervention can be changed using a float with a through hole that allows, whenever there is the need, to change the control point of the desired liquid.