A.P.I. solenoid valves with multipole connection

A.P.I.A.P.I., with headquarters at Mozzate (Como, Italy), proposes an advanced series of spool solenoid valves, for multi-pole connection on modular basis. This modern solenoid valve features innovative characteristics and excellent performances: small overall dimensions and high flowrate, electronic pilots of valves with double coil, both on the same side, coil with low electrical absorption (1.5 W or 1.4 W and electrical 24VDC control or – upon demand – also 12 VDC), mono-and bi-stable manual “push” control, LED pulse indicator. Interesting the possibility of feeding with different pressures two different valve groups positioned on the same basis, since those elements are pre-arranged for separate servo-piloting feeding. Assembling is then fast and practical, since a valve, also in intermediate position, can be replaced operating only on it in independent manner. The sub-bases of this series of valves have fixed positions, with SUB-D 25-pole standard connection.