5-way solenoid valves in energy-efficient version

SMC, reference company in the sector of the production of pneumatic and electronic components for industrial automation, has completed the range of the solenoid valves of the VQC series with the introduction of two new models: VQC 4000/5000.


The new solenoid valves offer utmost flexibility and low costs to customers, thanks to both the lower energy consumption and the longer service life.

The use of the new V100 pilot valve, in fact, allows reaching a high level of energy efficiency, reducing the absorption from 1.0 W to 0.95 W for standard types and from 0.5 W to 0.4 W for the low-absorption types and improving the operation pressure, bringing it up to 10 MPa for the low-absorption version. Moreover, the new VQC5000 model has been standardized and now it offers, as standard, also flowrates reaching 4,350 l/min, granting broader application possibilities.

The filter integrated into the feeding of the pilot valve, finally, helps in preventing the contamination by external bodies and in extending the service life of solenoid valves, while the new manual locking system eliminates the need of using other tools, completing anyway the already available devices.

The introduction of a unit with single plug-in base mounting provides better flexibility, assured also by the maintenance of some of the fundamental characteristics of the current VQC series, such as the manifold with multi-pole connector that notably facilitates the wiring. «The latest models of the VQC series highlight our commitment for the continuous development and improvement of products», explains Dafne Parigi, Product Manager of SMC. «Considering that cost reduction, flexibility and duration are determinant factors for customers, the VQC 4000/5000 models clearly represent our response to their requirements».