Stainless steel range of pneumatic components by A.P.I.

The Italian company A.P.I. Srl offers a complete range of pneumatic components fully realized in stainless steel: the INOX cylinders (ISO 15552 AMX Series, 6432 MDMX Series, 21287 CIX Series, and mounting accessories); the INOX Valves (quick exhaust, ball, uni-directional and the new AX1 Series), the INOX Air-line Equipments (filter-regulator + lubricator FRLX Series) and the INOX Accessories (fittings, couplings, flow controls, silenced exhaust restrictors, air reservoirs and silencers). These components have been specifically designed and manufactured for use in the Food&Beverage sector. Moreover, the characteristics of the stainless steels used (AISI 316 and AISI 316L) and the possibility of supply in accordance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU make these products ideal for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, Oil&Gas and mining. The Italian company produces its own all the range of its components and is able to offer many variations for each model, also combinable each other, in addition to the usual possibility of creating special versions or tailor made solutions.