A reliable leakage control system

It is called LeaCo, the new monitoring system ideated and developed by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies and exclusively distributed in Italy by MCI – Marzorati Componenti Industriali SpA, which allows detecting and warning, in the shortest possible time, about eventual leaks in whatever industrial ambit.

It is called LeaCo, the new monitoring system ideated and developed by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies and exclusively distributed in Italy by MCI – Marzorati Componenti Industriali SpA,

Therefore, it can be used for the control not only of entire process plants with numerous pumps, pipe fittings, valves and tanks, but also in many other sectors where any liquid leak can give birth to criticalities.

LeaCo system by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is composed by a small wireless optical sensor (42 x 48.5 x 14.2 mm) able to detect eventual liquid leaks.

Small in sizes, great in performances

LeaCo is composed by a wireless optical sensor and by an associated touch display module to which, in case of leak, the alarm signal is sent.

The optical sensor (42 x 48.5 x 14.2 mm) can be easily fixed to the system to be monitored (for instance, under a flange, a valve, close to a weld) directly, by means of screws or through a comfortable magnetic bio-adhesive (supplied as accessory), without any intervention or structural modification.

In case of liquid leak (whatever it is and irrespective of its viscosity, including the common water, as well as oils and fluids), as soon as it gets in touch with the non-woven fabric insert of the sensor, the alert is automatically activated and the alarm signal is instantaneously sent to the associated display module. Besides the visualization, the module is equipped with housing for the Sim card that allows, once inserted and activated, also automatically forwarding a SMS to the telephone numbers previously saved in the address book.

In the event of alarm, the signal is sent to the display module (140.6 x 97.2 x 21 mm) that, in its turn, can send a text message to a series of pre-set portable phone numbers.

Easily configured and with available menus in 5 languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish), up to 40 different sensors can be associated to the touch display module and monitored, all independent one another. In this way, it is possible to keep under control simply and quickly even whole plants and process complexes, where the highest reliability and the utmost intervention rapidity are demanded in case of leaks.

It is instead optional the repeater that allows extending its range in the event there are obstacles able to prevent the direct connection between sensor and display module, although the operational range can reach 100 metres in free field.

Constant control, even in hardly reachable zones

Due to its design and implementation, LeaCo constitutes a fully stand-alone system. It does not need a wired data network or dedicated Wi-Fi network, and then it can be applied also in zones hardly reachable in other ways. Once fixed, thanks to the standard lithium button cell equipping it, the sensor can be activated for about five years. Moreover, since the sensor itself is programmed to send a control signal every 30 minutes, the system can detect also an eventual failure in the electric line. In fact, as the display module is connected with the electric grid, in case of a power failure, the supplied buffer battery is automatically activated and, simultaneously, the system sends an alarm message to both the display and via Sms to the phone numbers previously saved in the index book.

Each display module can be associated with a maximum of 40 wireless sensors, whose connection can be enhanced by a repeater for the extension of the signal range.

This means the possibility of monitoring not only the presence of eventual leaks on the plant but also constantly assessing eventual anomalies on the electric line to which the display module is connected.

Ideal also for small companies, LeaCo is available as base set with a display module, three sensors, a repeater and spare inserts, and it can be used without any hindrance of sector/application in environments with temperature included between 5 and 45°C.