A reliable partner indeed

Bosch Rexroth has collaborated with Test Industry – Bimal in the design of a test stand for fluidic component testing

The focus on novelties always leads to winning collaborations. For this reason, Test Industry-Bimal has turned to Bosch Rexroth and to its application for A4VBO pumps with the new H5SE electronic control. The aim was developing a pump able to manage flow rate and pressure but with a high degree of precision, stability, repeatability and reliability. Bimal, brand of Test Industry S.r.l. with headquarters in Perugia, starts its activity in the testing field in 1984, with the mission of designing and manufacturing test stands for fluidic and mechanical components in the following sectors: hydraulics, mechanical & automotive and aerospace. Test Industry S.r.l. is formally established in 2020 by the merging of Bimal and Leonardo, in Brescia, the latter already consolidated in the testing field, after a collaboration started in 2017. Its main mission is becoming a single reference Group in the implementation of testing stands. Due to its thirty-year expertise, Bimal represents a reference brand in the testing sector, as it has manufactured over 1000 test stands, delivered to more than 350 customers and international outstanding brands, headquartered in over 30 Countries.

An opportunity to be seized and a collaboration worth enhancing, in the name of reliability and precision. Test stands for fluidic component testing need flexible and performing hydraulic power supply systems (for the control of flow rate and pressure), to implement and to simulate the various load and operation conditions of components under test.

The test stand is devised to carry out characterization tests on pumps and/or hydraulic motors, shutting flow rate and pressure according to the operator’s need. The requirement of Test Industry-Bimal was achieving a pump able to manage flow rate and pressure simultaneously, with precision, stability, repeatability and reliability. The technical office of Test Industry-Bimal always pays attention to all technological innovations and, for that reason, Bosch Rexroth application for A4VBO pumps with the new H5SE electronic control proved to be the most efficient and fastest solution for this project.

Bosch Rexroth assures quality and timeliness

The target of Test Industry-Bimal is high-quality and pursues excellence to turn its know-how into performing results and designs. For that reason, they select only the best suppliers able to provide added-value in terms of component selection, quality, sturdiness and reliability in time. All specific requisites dictated and searched for by customers, enabling Test Industry-Bimal to hold a high technical and qualitative ranking. Following an attentive assessment by the technical office, Bosch Rexroth, with its solution characterized by the broad range of regulation and parametrization, represented the ideal integration for this project. Since the beginning of the collaboration, Bosch Rexroth has been committed to providing support proactively in the selection and composition of the system. However, its intervention did not stop here, it continued also in the commissioning phase, through the contribution of one of its reference experts to solve all doubts about the system parametrization.

Motor stand

Indraworks software by Bosch Rexroth

The product at stake, that is to say the test stand for motors and hydraulic pumps performances, was purposely customized for the final customer, even if it is framed in a broad line of similar products, included in the catalogue, too. The design phase took about 3 months, during which Test Industry-Bimal engineers worked at all stages: 3D CAD design, design issue, hydraulic and electric circuit design and software development.

The component features a series of technical characteristics that make it highly interesting, such as the high pressure and the high flow rate combined with excellent control stability. Moreover, the solution development and the reduction of design times are highly facilitated.

«Simplifying design, maximizing productivity, optimizing the commissioning and minimizing the machine downtime. They are the 4 pillars that will change production and at Bosch Rexroth the response consists in Connected Hydraulics: synergy between electronics and hydraulics. Flow rate up to 810 l/m and maximum pressure of 450 bars can be reached with A4VBO range that, with HS5E regulator, represents the highest evolution of the hydraulic control. The next step will the introduction of the management of the electric motor’s rotation speed, to increase further the regulation flexibility: the new HS5En control», stated Santo Bivona, Sales Product Manager hydrostatic Units.

«We hope the solution is replicated because efficient and sturdy indeed. The parametrizable control level, through Indraworks software by Bosch Rexroth supplied as system equipment, is really surprising. Even if the tuning of a hydraulic plant generally involves many deceptions, Rexroth was able to integrate important resolutive tools in Indraworks. Everything, integrated by our GEPSO multipurpose software automation and control system, has allowed achieving a unique product in its field», affirmed Carlo Fasi, Project Engineer of Test Industry – Bimal.