Using the self locking piston by Naldoni & Biondi, assembling and disassembling times are reduced

A self-locking piston

Using the self locking piston by Naldoni & Biondi, we avoid the risk that the piston unscrews; additional machining operations are eliminated; assembling and disassembling times are reduced.

Piston installed on rod.
Piston installed on rod.

It is almost impossible today to meet a manager who does not recognize the importance of innovation for the business development. It is a diffused and widely shared awareness but, in spite of that, there are very few small and medium enterprises committed to research.

The reason is that turning an idea into product is expensive and risky at the same time, because a new product must meet the favour of the user, expected to recognize its usefulness and convenience.

Otherwise, if an innovation is not appreciated by the market, all the investments lavished by the proposing company are frustrated and all the costs result in expenses with no return.

For these reasons, it is easier for several enterprises to consolidate their position on the market through process optimization strategies. But, obviously, in this way, they are not and they do not become leaders in their sector.

Some companies have, fortunately, sufficient determination and certainties to explore new solutions and, in the hydraulic sector, an important innovation was undoubtedly launched by Naldoni e Biondi, with its self-locking piston.

We have met the managing director of the company, to know the appreciation degree that the market has reserved to this technical proposal, promoted in international ambit.  «First of all – explains Mr Biondi – it is worth specifying that not all that is new is innovative, too. Innovation must result in improvement and we must therefore distinguish between innovation and change, which modifies previous situations without necessarily bringing benefits.»

«It is the case of some solutions improvised by our competitors, hastily proposed after the presentation of our piston, in the attempt of recovering the competitive disadvantage – he adds –with solutions immediately punished by the market, always very impartial judge. On the contrary, the self-locking piston of our company, is reaping unexpected results, exceeding the expectations that we had foreseen, determined by the concrete advantages that it offers.» Using this solution, in fact, we avoid the risk that the piston unscrews; additional machining operations are eliminated and the assembly times are then reduced; the disassembly is facilitated in the maintenance phase; the piston reuse is allowed, after its removal; the rod integrity is protected and the dimensions and shape of the piston are not altered.

«Therefore – he underlines – we haven’t made a simple change. The self-locking piston that we have designed and implemented offers on the contrary important benefits, both in technical-functional and in economic terms.

For these reasons, it is deemed innovative and meets the wide market appreciation. Appreciation that is going to rise because, it is well-known, there are operators who appreciate the new and use it immediately, others who adopt it with caution». It is a majority that needs more in-depth information and evaluates the experiences gained by others, before making a definitive choice; finally, there are other manufacturers that need more time “to assimilate” new solutions. «For these reasons – ends Biondi – the present success is going to further increase our satisfactions and, strong of these results, we will provide in the short term for widening the present range and for equipping with our solution also special pistons, adopted by various cylinder producers, sector leaders, which have already submitted their requests.»

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