Linear systems

A wide range of telescopic slides

The HPC range of telescopic slides have many different drawer-type uses; both industrial and commercial (such as electronic cabinets, test benches, and automatic snack, drinks, and ticket dispensers), and well as in transport (such as in emergency vehicles, and lorries).fig1_CTMeca

The HPC range is separated into 4 different load capacities up to 80 kg. They contain 2 or 3 rails to ensure a partial or total development of the slide, and are also available in removable and locking versions.

The stainless steel version is recommended in hostile environments.

Major assets

– The version without balls gives a longer stroke and allows the drawer to be completely removed.

– The locking version allows the slide to be locked in an open or closed position.

– The removable version allows you to lift the drawer-carrying rail forwards by simply applying pressure, the

balls remaining in their cage.

General characteristics and dimensions

– Material: aluminium alloy, steel, or stainless steel

– Stroke from 330 mm to 1.232 mm

– Load per pair from 300 N to 900 N.

HPC telescopic slides are available by CT Meca.