Quality, flexibility and service

Motors and gearmotors

Dagu Srl is an Italian company with over twenty years of activity behind, operating with growing success in the national and international market, with a wide and diversified range of electrical permanent magnet motors and gearmotors. Thanks to its ductility in the design formulation and in the successive product implementation, with both direct and alternate current, the company can satisfy the requirements of several applications.

Dagu, headquarters in Vicenza, designs and manufactures motors for the most various applications, in the name of flexibility and performances.
Dagu, headquarters in Vicenza, designs and manufactures motors for the most various applications, in the name of flexibility and performances.

The achievement of such targets is based on three essential elements of the business concept: the scrupulous commitment in the care of the product quality, an attentive customer service and a valid after sale service.

For the attainment of such goals, Dagu has acquired the most forefront motor calculation systems; the company can in fact create, in very short times, a motor upon customers’ specific demand, by focusing the problem and through high-level customization. The technical competence of the Research and Development Department allows the company to suit customers’ requirements with intelligence, experience and specific preparation, accepting technical challenges that go beyond the standard and permit to improve and to innovate the product constantly. In the development of a project, for an in-depth analysis and research of innovative factors, Dagu very often avails itself of qualified bodies and structures, such as certified laboratories, research centres and universities.

Dagu is equipped with a technical structure, with cutting-edge instruments and equipment constantly upgraded, which allow creating product added value, in a constantly monitored qualitative course that, starting from raw materials, reaches the final assembly. This allows the company to have an almost null quantity of non-compliant returned products.

In virtue of a forefront experimentation and testing laboratory equipped with computerized data acquisition system, the Quality Control department can execute tests, life and mechanical stress tests granting a perfectly compliant product, suitable for the demanded requirements, to customers.

Human resources and training are one of the basilar pillars of the company for Dagu, for this reason every year the employees attend training and updating courses, thus heightening the level of knowledge, competence and professionalism.

Thanks to its personnel’s motivation and empowerment, Dagu can boast a very low turnover and a limited absenteeism, all that coupled with good willingness and participation at all levels.

The companies to which Dagu supplies motors and gearmotors are leaders in the appurtenance sectors and, to be able to satisfy them at best, Dagu operates with Kaizen method, which allows higher production flexibility as answer to the final product diversification and an effective response to the obvious decrease of the minimum batch. This permits also fast changeovers and the possibility of interacting with customers in very short times, too.  The qualitative, managerial and productive standards allow Dagu to maintain the quality certifications ISO 9001 and UL/CSA, CE and ATEX where required.

The pursuit of the work safety and the attention to the environment protection have always been a reason for constant commitment for Dagu, concerning this, motor components are fully recyclable because the raw materials composing them can be correctly disposed and reused. To this end, the company has been certified ISO 14001 for years. All that has allowed Dagu to grow and to expand constantly and, besides, to withstand the global crisis, consolidating its image especially on international markets where, just in the last financial year, it scored the 15% turnover growth.