According to normative ISO 21287

New compact cylinders

Aignep announces the introduction of the new compact cylinders normative ISO 21287 “W” series.

They are entirely manufactured in Italy by Aignep; all raw material and internal components have Italian origin and quality.

Aignep manufactures these cylinders with diameter from 20 mm up to 100 mm.  Their overall dimensions are 50% smaller than an equivalent ISO 15552 cylinder.

The greatest advantage of this new cylinder series is the interface ISO that allows the using of the same mounting accessories of ISO 15552 cylinders, moreover the four threaded holes permit the fixing through screws too.

The ISO 21287 cylinders have a very clean and elegant design.

The heads are made of anodized aluminum; the end-position cushioning allow the energy absorption and ensure a smooth and silent sliding of piston also with high speed;  all dynamic seals are made of polyurethane and the piston is magnetic.

The tube and the heads have slots on three sides for the insertion and the fixing of magnetic sensors.

The ISO 21287 compact cylinders are available in the single acting with front and rear spring version, in double acting with single or through rod version (female thread is standard, male thread upon request), in the anti-rotation version.

Aignep can supply this new kind of cylinders in the complete kit + raw material version.