AIGNEPSCAN: the new app for orders!

Reduction of delivery term and stock needs, together with the reduction of the order management cost, are now a main trend for companies. This is a trend shown mostly by the small and medium end-users, but also by some bigger companies how can rely on different departments and production units. foto-1
Aignep, which is leader (which is the leader company in the production of components for pneumatics and solenoid valves) has created an APP to manage and send order from an IOS device: Iphone, Ipad or Ipod. The APP is called AignepScan, and can be downloaded for free on the app store or on the website www.aignep.com. With this APP clients just need to scan the QR or bar code of a product and – located on the label (that can be downloaded online) or on the packing of the same item -, than input the quantity and send the order. Easy, intuitive, but first of all quick. Aignep will receive the order and will manage the shipment among its more than 5000 products on catalogue

How to manage the APP

AignepScan has been presented last September by the company, located in Bione (Brescia, Italy), and it is an easy and dynamic e-tool. Easy to manage orders of new products or to reorder some important one.

Labels of the product, useful for the scan, can be applied on the shelves of a stock or a production department. The barcode is located on the packing of every item. The labels can be downloaded from the website www.aignep.com. Also in this case it’s a very easy procedure: clients just need to go directly on the webpage of a single item, and they can download a single label or an A4 paper with all the sizes on it. On every label it is easy to find: code, client code, drawing, MOQ of that item. The picture and the drawing of a product it is also useful in case a box of a production department is empty and a client needs to reload it. Single labels can be printed in two format: A4 and the standard for labels.

How to send the orders

A SIM card is not mandatory to use AignepScan, it works in Wi-Fi mode. Due to the fact that this is an up for business use, it is necessary to receive a password form Aignep, this is to grant the privacy and professional secret of the companies. All the other this are dedicated to the trend of costs-saving. The APP can be set according to the location of every client, and it is possible to set the language too. In every part of the world, operators in stocks or in production lines, they just need to scan the code and input the quantity needed and send the order (it is possible to collect more orders and send them in one time).  After that the order is received by the Aignep terminal and it’s forwarded to the sales department. The email presents the order in excel format, that it’s imported on the software of Aignep with an easy procedure. The memory of the app have an history of all the orders.