Food & Beverage

Air treatment group with modular structure

Aventics presents an example of successful application of its products, developed for the Food & Beverage, to the brand-new metal detector Vistus, designed for applications in the food industry and in several other fields, like the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

AVENTICSA highly innovative machine, fruit of Sartorius company that has decided to turn to the know-how and to the technology by Aventics, which has taken part in the project not only as supplier of cutting-edge technological products but also as technical advisor that has collaborated in strict contact with Sartorius in the installation phases of components themselves. Among the Aventics products installed on the machine, it is worth mentioning the air treatment group AS1. AS1 is an Aventics product developed for the Food & Beverage that satisfies the growing complexity of industrial processes controlled by mechanisms that make use of compressed air. AS (Air Service) systems by Aventics grant high performances, application flexibility and energy efficiency. Thanks to their modular structure and to the use of special ultra-light polymers, AS systems are compact but at the same time resistant and performing, they reach in fact a capacity of 14,500 l/min. Besides the standard filtering, regulation and lubrication functions, AS systems by Aventics are also equipped with other specifications, as on-off valves, progressive filling valves, distributors with compact-size single-acting valves.