Camozzi enriches its range pneumatic cylinders

Camozzi enriches its range pneumatic cylinders with the new ISO 15552 cylinders Series 63

The new Series 63 pneumatic cylinders, which comply with the ISO 15552 standard, have been developed by Camozzi to guarantee high performance whilst also offering significant reductions in weight. The new adjustable pneumatic and mechanical cushioning system ensures Series 63 also reduces the noise caused by the impact of the piston on the end block.

On one side of the profile, there are grooves for the positioning of proximity switches (Series CSH) for the detection of the piston’s position. These grooves can be covered with the slot cover profile Mod. S-CST-500. A wide range of versions are available which makes these new cylinders suitable for use in many sectors and applications.

Main advantages:camozzi

Clean design

Weight reduced by 25%

Rolled stainless steel rod

Adjustable pneumatic and mechanical end-stroke cushioning

Low friction

High and low temperatures

Dusty environments


Wide range of installation accessories.