By Atlas Copco a complete range of air motors and hammers

All materials can be drilled …

The offer of air motors and hammers by Atlas Copco ranges from demanding drilling applications up to the industrial use in machine tools.

AirROC D50, pneumatic drill rig
AirROC D50, pneumatic drill rig

The company Atlas Copco is renowned among sector players for its drilling equipment, its compressors and the broad range of machines and facilities that, due to the acquisitions in the last few years, have led the Swedish manufacturer to widen its offer towards unexplored markets. Last but not least, the ambits of the processing of concrete, bituminous conglomerates and the selection and processing of inert materials. The brand DNA, however, has always been oriented towards pneumatics where, with both compressors, air hammers and air motors, is a real reference partner for the sector. Like all big manufacturers that have developed their own technology, the action of Atlas Copco does not involve only the marketing but it provides consulting that starts from the requirements to achieve the right solution, “extra price list”, too. The offer of motors for industrial applications ranges from lubrication-free vane motors, both of steel and stainless steel, with single and reversible motion. Supported powers vary from 0.11 to 3.75 HP, with torque reaching 332 Nm. They are available with brake module, too. The range includes also vane motors with integrated reduction gears able to reach 1,836 Nm of output torque. Powers range from 1.2 to 8.4 HP. The essential characteristics are the compactness of the outer body, multitasking use and the possible assembly in various combinations where, especially in the line with integrated reduction gears, it is possible to exploit them in smart manner. Characterized by the initials LZB (simple vane motors) and LZL (with integrated reduction units), Atlas Copco air motors meet the requirements of industrial applications with features in line with the standardization needs dictated by the automation market. Without forgetting, as already underlined, the possibility of satisfying the single requirements of special applications that can take advantage of the manufacturer’s consolidated experience.

Air drills stone

The other sector where Atlas Copco is a renowned reference company is drilling. We are not referring to simple manual hammers but to drill rigs that avail themselves of the manufacturer’s technology in the compressed air ambit. Air has always been one of the privileged vectors in the high-performance drilling field. As perfectly knew Germano Sommeiller who invented and patented the first pneumatic rock drill used to bore, from 1857 to 1871, the Fréjus railway tunnel. Still today, Atlas Copco has a range of high-performance down-the-hole pneumatic hammers mainly used in the manufacturer’s AirROC range.

The hammers of the Secoroc DTH (Drilling the Hole) series are available in the main trade diameters dictated by the needs of high-performance professional drilling. Tools comply with the same philosophy, with an offer that provides for the possibility of drilling materials with all hardness and consistency typologies. One of the strong points of Atlas Copco is certainly the integration among all the elements that compose the drilling system, starting from the production of compressed air up to the tool used for the single drill. The range of DTH hammers features also some particular specifications, such as the patented Secoroc Aqua 60 with lubrication-free technology specifically suitable for works in presence of water. This allows operating without leaving polluting oily residues. A specific feature that allows extending the operational range of the machines equipped with this hammer type and makes companies using them more competitive. In the most developed Countries it is in fact complex to operate along waterways, docks and in the sea (for instance for building harbours) and the Secoroc Aqua 60 line provides a simplified approach to regulatory limitations. Among the specific features of the Secoroc range, rank also the models with reverse motion that prove to be precious in materials with scarcely stable consistency and are extremely competitive compared to the respective hydraulic models.

A range for all drilling requirements

Atlas Copco has developed a specific range for all kinds of materials and drilling requirements. The STD (Standard Hammer) range is suitable for general applications. QM (Quarry Mining) line is designed for heavy-duty quarry uses. DP (Deep Hole) has been developed for deep drilling, where machining unknowns are on the agenda. OG (Oil & Gas) addresses the oil extraction. BO (Break out Washer) and HC (Hydro Cyclone) are intended for applications where it is necessary to reduce the release of inert material into processing waters. S (Super) line is suitable for applications with big-size spindles. HF (High Frequency) is conceived for incoherent materials calling for a high rotation frequency.

Flexibility starts from hammers

Atlas-Copco’s experience in drilling is evident in the air drill rigs of the AirROC series. An application flexibility that starts from the Swedish manufacturer’s variegated offer of hammers and ends with the mobile structure sized according to the hole to be carried out. The versatility of AirROC drill rigs is fruit of both the manufacturer’s experience and of a diffusion on a global scale, every day backed by users’ positive outcomes and suggestions. The AirROC series has been specifically developed to satisfy the requirements of surface drilling with DTH down-the-hole hammers. Its primary qualities are the great manoeuvrability coupled with outstanding performances with diameters that, despite the machine compactness, can reach 165 mm for maximum depths of 140 m. These performances can be granted only by an integrated technology in which machine, hammers and compressed air production are excellently balanced one another. The lightness of AirROC machines is certainly one of the successful factors of this lucky line of drill rigs. Being able to move under safety conditions on the roughest terrains would be anyway useless if drilling was not assured in any type of grounds. When viewed at work, AirROC succeed in enhancing the productive skills of DTH hammers by Atlas Copco just thanks to their motion performance and an essential user friendliness for a productive and safe use.

Secoroc DHT hammers

Secoroc COP 66 hammer on rocks, side view.
Secoroc COP 66 hammer on rocks, side view.

Secoroc DTH range by Atlas Copco is composed by hammers with 254 mm. maximum drilling diameters.

A quite varied offer that satisfies all application types, from general ones to the hydrocarbon extractive industry, with a wide choice of complementary accessories. The latter range from simple drilling pipes to protection kits for abrasive materials and those for a fast and cheap replacement of worn-out parts.

The capability of satisfying whatever need in the drilling sector derives from an array of application cases that is almost unequalled in today’s market and able to form a data bank of experiences that has led to extend the range up to embracing all kinds of applications, including drilling in water without releasing polluting oily substances. An array of benefits that make Secoroc DTH range rank in the forefront in sector of high-performance professional drilling.




The range of Secoroc hammers can meet the most challenging applications due to the consistency of the material to be drilled.



The range of air motors by Atlas Copco addresses the most different industrial requirements. From manual assembly workstations up to process automation