Varvel, a socially responsible company

All together for ANT

Varvel SpA participates in the consortium for the concert of solidarity in the context of the 35th anniversary of the Foundation at the forefront in the fight against cancer.

Also Varvel SpA, based in Crespellano (Bologna, Italy) and specialized in manufacturing gear reducers and mechanical variators, has chosen to support the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the ANT founding. On October 25th, the Foundation ensuring free – social and health – home-care to cancer patients has organized with the collaboration of the trade union confederations of Bologna a great concert that will be attended by famous singers, artists and comedians of the Bologna area. The proceeds will be allocated to the Foundation that for more than three decades has been assisting patients and their families, running projects of cancer free prevention always in line with the ANT mission, summed up by the word “Eubiosia”  (from the Greek “the good life”)as a set of qualities that give dignity to life to the last gasp.

Mauro Cominoli, General Manager in Varvel Spa.

The Foundation represents the largest experience in the world of free social and health home-care for cancer patients. Since 1985, ANT has been assisting more than 93,000 cancer patients (as from December 31, 2012), completely free of charge. Approximately 3,800 patients are home nursed every day by 20 ANT specialist teams that lead all the necessary hospital-grade and social-welfare care into the house of the patient and his family.

«It is a great pleasure for us to support this event – says Francesco Berselli, President of Varvel SpA – also considered our relationship with ANT Foundation to whom we are very close. Since 2004, our company began a program of ongoing support to ANT, Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF by pouring into every of the three associations a contribution of €cent 2 for every product sold. A practical way to directly tie the productivity of the company and its economic performance to the protection of the less fortunate people.

«We are a socially responsible company –  continues Mauro Cominoli, General Manager of Varvel SpA – that as leading strategy, considers the stakeholder interest as the daily identification of principles and behaviors. Therefore, we enthusiastically responded to this fundraiser not only to support the valuable work of ANT Foundation but also to concretely witness how an enterprise is a combination of shared values for the community service and not just a workplace.».