Cent80 of Teseo is a tool designed for quick and easy bending of pipes in distribution systems

An efficient and functional fluid distribution system

Practical, lightweight and functional, Cent80 allows manually performing all curves up to 180°, directly on site.

The market offers interesting development opportunities, by allowing companies to design and produce systems, solutions and products capable of satisfying the most varied requirements. As in the case of Teseo that, besides having expanded its range of modular systems, also provides a versatile tool for the bending of pipes.

With headquarters in Desenzano sul Garda (Brescia, Italy), Teseo has been offering for nearly thirty years pioneering solutions and fluid distribution systems, some of which are patented. The holding company of 6 branches distributed in Europe (Spain, Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany) and in the Americas (Canada and Colombia), can count on an extensive and widespread network of distributors, with about 60 employees (of which 35 employed at the location in Brescia), for a total turnover of about 10 million Euros.

We met the sales director Eng. Paolo Nardi, to take stock of some recently proposed product innovations on the market.

Bending soon, and well

Our research and development – says Paolo Nardi – always aims at providing concrete and specific answers to requests from installers, insiders who are daily solving practical problems directly in the field.

As a matter of fact very often there is some difficulty in carrying compressed air from the main line to the point of use. Very often the paths that the rigid aluminium pipe must go through are full of bends and curves. To note also that the idea of replacing on critical points the rigid pipe with a soft polyurethane pipe etc. is not very popular. And not only for safety reasons”.

In response to these needs, the company has recently presented at the market  Cent80, a tool designed to quickly and easily meet the need for bending pipes in the systems. Practical, lightweight and functional, it allows manually performing all curves up to 180°, directly on site. In summary, a template that allows profile Teseo AP22 and AP28 copying a curved shape (the most common and representative diameters of the market).

«Besides having two supports for our profiles – adds Nardi – further round-shape depression  has been designed into the groove which allows bending traditional pipes in various rigid materials, such as 3/8 “and 1/2” copper, steel and aluminium».

Paolo Nardi, sales director at Teseo in Desenzano sul Garda (Brescia, Italy).

The new manual bending machine is available in an 8 kg kit bag, thus easily transportable and of great utility in service, assistance, pipe adaptation, custom- extended compressed air distribution system. The kit includes also two calibrated springs for 22mm and 28mm profiles (measures according to the denomination of outer diameter) that are inserted during bending operations.

But there is another interesting aspect – points out Nardi – i.e. the possibility to recover scraps of profiles and/or pipes that inevitably accumulate during installation and commissioning of an air distribution system. Scraps that can be safely used at a later time».

Also available up to 68 mm diameters

Available in a kit bag, Cent80 of Teseo is a tool designed for quick and easy bending of pipes in distribution systems.

The company adds a new piece of technology to the process of simplification that is already in process, in order to make the use of their system even more beneficial, easy and immediate: systems that have always been considered international benchmark for fluid power distribution, both in small workshops than in large industry

Modular networks developed by Teseo are installed in various application areas and include prestigious references from automotive, textiles, mechanics, and automation industry.

Note that Cent80 allows bending Teseo profiles series AP, next-generation modular piping. Today AP is available in 6 diameters of 22 mm, 28 mm, until new available 68 mm (according to outer diameter). It is a system of extruded aluminium pipes that are connected to fittings with o-rings, with the exclusive dove-tale clamping and joining system patented by Teseo. The system, which can be enriched and customized with numerous accessories, can handle compressed air up to 15 bars of pressure, vacuum and other non-hazardous gases. It is suitable for the installation of the main network, column drops, small distribution systems and manifolds for machines or control panels.