To celebrate the occasion, more than 150 guests

20th anniversary of Shanghai Camozzi

Established in 1993, Shanghai Camozzi Pneumatic Control Components Co., Ltd is a strategic partnership between two leading companies in automation –  Camozzi Spa in Italy and Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Corp. (SAIC) of China, who rank among the top 500 companies in China. Shanghai Camozzi Pneumatic has been operating in Shanghai since 1993 with 80employees and 4 sales & service branches (Beijing, Xian, Chendu and Nanjing). In March 2006, the new plant of Shanghai Camozzi Automation Control began operating in Malu Town, Jiading District Shanghai with 38,000 m2, 14,000 m of which is covered. Over the past 20 years, Shanghai Camozzi has become a leading pneumatics company in the Chinese market. The company has enlarged its resources and capacity to provide customized solutions along with the synergy with Camozzi Italy, which has contributed to a sustained competitive advantage in both the domestic and global markets.

The anniversary of Shanghai Camozzi was celebrated last June 7th. Although burdened with incessant rain, this neither dampened the spirits nor the pace of people coming from all over China and the world to commemorate this landmark in Shanghai Camozzi. Approximately 150 people attended the Shanghai Camozzi 20 Years anniversary, and with the colorful background drums and enthusiasm of the people gathered together, Mr. Attilio Camozzi opened the event with a welcome presentation to the guests and personnel of Shanghai Camozzi. The Italian Consulate General in Shanghai Mr. Vincenzo de Luca then delivered a speech on the state of Italian industry in the world, and the importance of the position and the high regard with which they hold Camozzi and Camozzi Shanghai.

Mr. Zhu Yutao, the party secretary of Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co.,Ltd (SAIC) and the managing director of Camozzi SpA Mr. Marco Camozzi also delivered presentations during the ceremony. An open house tour followed; all the guests were shown the modern and lean production and organization culture of Shanghai Camozzi.

The Department of Design & Development, Industrial engineering and Quality were introduced; cylinder production islands, CNC machining centres, material preparations, lab, the production of Valve & FRL, a new project room and the finished stock area were showed to guests, who were clearly impressed. The professionalism of the employees and the well organised production process ensuring quality, on-time delivery and satisfied customer service, all of which left a positive impression on the many guests.

The memorable anniversary dinner was held at a five star hotel downtown, where western food meets eastern entertainment, and celebrations continuein style with the free-flowing prestigious Franciacorta wine adding a little fizz to an already sparkling event. Mr. Attilio Camozzi made a toast to the guests, who applauded enthusiastically.

Memories came flooding back as proud pictures from the past were displayed presenting today’s Shanghai Camozzi. Even after dinner, people were still gathering to resume their positive feelings, after today a new journey is ahead, Shanghai Camozzi believes that miracles are created through hard work, and we wish them a brilliant future.