Assembling and testing of hydraulic cylinders

Assembling and testing benches spring from the capability of A.F. Automazione of meeting the specific requirements of the manufacturers and repairers of hydraulic cylinders. In 2005, the need of a company in the hydraulic industry of acquiring a bench with characteristics exceeding those of the systems available on the market, gives birth to the first BAT-H 35 prototype. The bench developed by A.F. Automazione integrates the main phases of the manufacturing process of hydraulic cylinders: assembling and testing.

AF AUTOMAZIONEThe bench allows executing operations in practical and fast manner, in full safety, sharing in improving the product quality, reducing production times, enhancing the operator’s safety level and obtaining a complete and detailed test report. Over the years, the company’s research and development division has designed a series of benches to satisfy the various requirements of its customers. The range is composed by five typologies that allow the testing and assembling of cylinders of various sizes: external diameter from 35 to 700 mm, length from 300 to 3500 mm, weight from 400 to 12000 kg. Testing pressures reach 700 bars.

What differentiates BAT-H is the possibility of managing the testing through a software, in-house designed by the company’s developers. The software allows setting various cycle typologies, memorizing and storing data to generate a testing report in conformity with international regulations (UNI-ISO 10100:2005). The testing procedure with oil provides for various test modalities, the effective stroke measurement through laser and the control of the oil contamination level, according to ISO 4460 and NAS 1638 regulations. Automatic cycles are parametrized and eventually customized by the operator. At the end of the test, an automatic system allows the oil emptying through compressed air. For further information, it is possible to download the catalogue from the company’s site.


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