Now CSL 1500 series is more and more performing

Trelleborg sealing systems

Originally designed for the agricultural and building industry, CSL 1500 has been subjected to severe lab and on-field tests to demonstrate its reliability. It has accomplished 3,000 test hours in presence of sewage and hot oil and a full service year under extreme applicative conditions, with no leaks.TRELLEBORG_02

Today CSL 1500 is used also in other application areas, where the innovative profile can provide excellent performances.

The compact profile of CSL 1500 offers in fact more space for other components and allows the use of a bigger grease quantity, suitable for creating a protective barrier against the external contamination; at the same time, the new sealing lip assures the excellent sealing performance that nowadays we expect from the products by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Besides, with the new “bonding” process, CSL 1500 grants an excellent finish of sliding surfaces, without needing grinding operations, and a metal cage assembled without the need of “crimping”, thus reducing production costs.

CSL 1500 has been designed as a modular system for customized design demands.

This system grants higher flexibility for customers, for both railway and road transport applications where a cassette seal for high speeds is necessary and to improve the protection against dusts. The modular system allows going beyond productions in standard sizes or big quantities, also paving the way to modifications that optimize seal performances, for specific requisites and applications.