ATAM presents its new ATEX-certified connectors

ATAM, a leading manufacturer of encapsulated coils and industrial connectors for process and solenoid valves, for pneumatic and hydraulic applications, presents its new solenoid valve cable connectors, with ATEX (EU Directive) and IECEx (international) certification, developed for fixed or mobile applications in hazardous areas.

ATAM presents its new ATEX-certified connectors

With the support of experts from the ATEX world, ATAM has self-certified its Form A (18 mm) and Form B (11 mm) connectors for use in 3G (gas/vapours) and 3D (powder/dust) category equipment according to the ATEX classification, thus ensuring a suitable level of protection in Zone 2 and Zone 22.

ATAM’s new ATEX-certified connectors stem from requests by its customer base, that already uses the company’s ATEX-certified coils, to also produce connectors, thus guaranteeing the all-round compatibility and, therefore, safety of the application. The connectors can also be used with coils not necessarily produced by ATAM.

ATAM presents its new ATEX-certified connectors
ATAM new ATEX Form B connector (11 mm)

Supplied disassembled in kits for maximum versatility

To meet another market requirement, namely maximum versatility, the connectors are supplied both in kits with standard DIN connections and disassembled, together with a whole range of accessories such as gaskets, cable clamps, and cables in different shapes and formats. For example, the cable clamp comes in two versions that ensure maximum versatility for the diameter of cables that can be clamped while the gaskets come in both flat and lip versions. In short, this is a comprehensive kit designed to cover the most widespread applications in the market with a single product.

ATEX Form A connector kit with gaskets, standard DIN connection and details of use

With the introduction of Form A and Form B cable connectors, ATAM now expands its operating scope to potentially explosive environments with products – connector + coil – that benefit from joint development, while also relying on a state-of-the-art test laboratory. This allows the company to simulate the combined use of the two products and to verify the sealing strength of the components even under extreme requirements. The result is an excellent solution in terms of reliability, quality and affordability.

Details of use strictly indicated

By performing numerous tests in line with the extreme care that ATAM has always taken in tackling the ATEX world, the connector kits are all supplied with detailed instructions for quick and accurate installations in compliance with the stringent regulations.

The indications for use, such as hazardous areas of use and the maximum currents that the connector can withstand, are very clearly and accurately explained in the instruction sheet, and even written prominently on the product itself. This type of information sets the company apart and confirms its highly responsible and transparent approach to the market.

ATAM connector production

On the path to the ATEX world

The ATEX world is still relatively unknown and ATAM firmly believes in ensuring that the installer in charge of cabling machinery is fully informed about the procedures and correct methods of use which are easily recognisable and clearly explained in its kits. This approach ensures that the installer can work in full compliance with regulations and, therefore, in total safety.

There are far more environments with potentially explosive atmospheres that one might expect. Apart from the oil industry and mining, in fact, there are many environments that require an ATEX approach due to the presence of gases, vapours and dust that can create explosive atmospheres in the vicinity of an ignition source (e.g. hot surfaces, electrical material, electrostatic charges, mechanical sparks, etc.). Basically, about 70% of industrial environments are susceptible to this type of risk.

For over thirty years, ATAM has embarked on a path to tackle the ATEX world with increased expertise, supplying different families of coils over time for the most widespread applications, both pneumatic and hydraulic, covering the various risk categories in the ATEX world.

The latest ATEX connectors, designed to satisfy different applications with a single product, does not, however, preclude the possibility of supplying customised products. ATAM is, in fact, renowned for its customised production and can, therefore, develop and manufacture ATEX connectors to customer specifications, thanks to its comprehensive knowledge of the applications in this highly challenging world.