Servomech: 35 years of innovation in the linear actuator industry

The leading company in the production of acme and ball screw linear actuators, screw jacks and bevel gearboxes reaches an important stage in its growth and internationalization journey

2024 marks an important milestone for Servomech, which enthusiastically celebrates its 35 years of activity in the field of industrial automation. Founded in 1989, the company has gone through more than three decades of constant growth, remaining faithful to its corporate philosophy of complete internal management of the production cycle at the Anzola dell’Emilia (Bologna – ITALY) factory plant.

With its high efficiency ball screw jacks, individually motorized and synchronized in electrical axis, Servomech broadens the application horizons of lifting systems, now able to be used for the continuous performance of process functions, with onerous working cycles in terms of load, high operating speeds and dynamics, high accuracy and control

Servomech: 35 years of innovation in the linear actuator industry

Servomech has established itself as a leader in the sector, specializing in a wide range of products, such as acme and ball screw linear actuators, ball screw jacks, acme screw jacks, bevel gearboxes and ball screws and nuts. The company has won appreciation not only throughout the European Union, but also in industrialized countries around the world. The key to Servomech’s success lies in the ability to offer high quality products for linear motion, maintaining production flexibility and deep attention to customer needs.

From its origins, Servomech has adopted a cutting-edge strategy, managing processes internally to reduce consumption and environmental impact. In a context in which delocalisation has often been seen as the best solution, Servomech has chosen to remain firmly anchored to the concept of “Made in Italy“, guaranteeing internal production, constant quality controls, flexibility, design and even customized production according to customers’ needs.

Servomech has also a large sales organization operating in all countries of the European Union and in the main global industrialized markets. The company’s mission is based on the efficiency of the products offered, with a particular focus on high-performance technological solutions, while ensuring energy savings during the use.

Constant attention to innovation with important investments in machinery and advanced production technologies to allow the development and modernization of products but also the motivation and professional growth of the staff

Notable results thanks to a 3D configurator onlone

Technical-commercial support plays a fundamental role, with a highly qualified team that assists customers in product selection, checks, durability calculations and drawings, supported by an online 3D configurator on the website which simplifies product customization and dialogue with designers at an international level.

The inclusion of the 3D configurator on the online website has brought notable results, giving further impetus to the company’s internationalization process. The strengthening of the presence of the configurator favours customer’s choice of the desired products, facilitating the evaluation of the wide product range. The evolved approach to the global system supports customer engagement and management, offering a decisive competitive advantage in a globalized scenario. After all, it is also a natural declination of the concept of innovation that characterizes the philosophy and work of the Servomech Group. Like the new QR Code directly available on products’ label, which allows quicker access to information, making the product known immediately, to respond to the request for information from technicians and installers, maintainers and designers worldwide.

Servomech: 35 years of innovation in the linear actuator industry
New Servomech 3D configurator for linear actuators and screw jacks

A constant of Servomech over the years has been to always prove itself at the forefront, anticipating new market needs, as in the case of the “5 Reasons to Go Electric” campaign. In fact, the company has been committed to modern electromechanical solutions for years, with a strong focus on energy saving and reducing environmental impact.

Just as innovative is the conception of the next generation of the lifting systems which allows to reach high linear speeds with high dynamics, significant accelerations and decelerations, high positioning precision, exact repeatability of the position and use even with continuous operation, overcoming the limits of traditional multi-point lifting systems with mechanical connections. The Servomech approach also broadens the application horizons of lifting systems in general, now able to be used for the continuous performance of process functions, with onerous working cycles in terms of load, high operating speeds and dynamics, high accuracy and control.

Servomech: 35 years of innovation
Servomech production plant is spread over a covered area of 11,500 m2 in which one hundred employees work, around seventy of which are directly employed in production activities

Strategy for the future

With a solid foundation, Servomech’s strategy for the future is to continue to grow, combining business interests with sustainability. Constant investments in latest generation machinery and advanced technologies demonstrate the company’s commitment to developing innovative products and technologies capable of responding to the growing needs of the international market.

Strengthened by the results achieved in these 35 years of activity, Servomech will continue to invest in internal production and high-tech products, increasingly focusing on products and solutions capable of improving the productivity, efficiency and waste reduction of its customers. Servomech confirms itself as a business partner careful to complying with increasingly strict requirements with regards of safety, environment, and optimization of processes and the resources used.


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