Atos new hydraulic filters

After 60 years of experience in the design and production of a broad range of high-performance electro-hydraulic components and systems, such as: digital proportional and electronics, conventional valves, cylinders and servo-actuators, the Italian company Atos has decided exploiting its know-how in the made of inorganic microfibers able to assure β × (c) > 1000 for all filtering degrees.

Pressurized filters with SAE threaded and flanged couplings:

– flow rate up to 340 l/min

– pressure up to 420 bars

– filtering degree 4.5, 7, 12 μm (c)

Return filters on the tank with threaded couplings:

– flow rate up to 550 l/min

– pressure up to 8 bars

– filtering degree 12, 27 μm (c)

New Atos filters have been specifically designed to widen and to complete the range of Atos products, assuring the best levels of fluid contamination in modern automation systems manufactured with proportional electro-hydraulics.