Axalta Impregnating Resins for electrical Motors    

Axalta has been an international leader in the manufacture of high-quality, high-performance liquid insulating systems and materials for over 70 years and it supplies its Energy Solutions range of Impregnating Resins, which provide mechanical stability and insulation for electrical motors in full electric as well as hybrid vehicles, to nearly all well-known light vehicle OEMs.

Michael Glomp, Vice President of Axalta’s global Energy Solutions business, says, «The development of efficient, high-performance and reliable engines for hybrid and electric vehicles continually presents new requirements and challenges for electrical insulation materials. EHVTE is the perfect platform to discuss with our potential and existing customers their evolving needs as well as to introduce them to our latest innovations.»

Axalta’s bespoke automotive products provide leading electrical insulation solutions and are designed to improve the performance levels of modern electric motors. They  include Voltron wire enamel, Voltatex 4200 for impregnation, and adhesive electrical steel coatings such as Voltatex 1175W and Voltatex 1075K.

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