Well, what is a mechanical factory today?

Giovanni Castellani –

Naturally, there is a myriad of factories for the most various goods, from studs to aircrafts or port facilities. And, if we generalize, several considerations are pertinent. However, we have a fixed idea, several times we have focused on the manufacturing of toothed wheels and reduction gears and we do so this time, too. Paying attention to avoid obviousness: there are many small factories that survive with old structures and equipment and also not so small factories that claim their way of working, the usual one, is the right one. On the contrary, in the name of 4.0, we reach a sort of factory associations that share the work, I mean the material one. I take for granted that, upstream and then side by side with the associations, there must be a cybernetic activity, obviously the one for the design of the products to be manufactured (for instance: a reduction gear) but to be executed in cooperation and control, then the strictly cybernetic and active work to subdivide the machining between a factory and the other. Some big companies that I mentioned understood all that a long time ago, joining sector companies (and what a sector! For instance railway, or aircrafts), or perhaps they have created them purposely. In time, we have witnessed the parallel evolution of their software, and the addition of particular software to their standard magnificent software. Perhaps, it is also possible that the intense intellectual activity, which implies the association of different factories (for instance: I manufacture the reduction gear, you the bed) is completed by a material work of further collaboration. Example: I implement the bed designing it (in collaboration) according to the reduction gear. But I outsource materially the bed, partly, entrusting a factory equipped for the Additive Manufacturing. All that to grant the machining to a fine factory provided with 5-axis machine tools, coordinated in a machining centre. A distinction is necessary here: I am not alluding to that independent gear-cutting machine, which I mentioned in some of my notes, manufactured in Far East in connection with external factories. The one that succeeds in making superfluous the toothed wheel cage for the connection of the workpiece motions and the spindle operation motion. It is its mission and it seems successfully accomplished, the economic repercussion must be still analysed: actually, we are informed about a group of such gear-cutting machines already constructed and proposed for sale but I do not know whether they have been bought. No, I am referring to the evolution of standard machining centres and surroundings. I set aside also the automation that can be achieved by a system of smart robots able to learn autonomously what are the most efficacious and (and cost-saving) motions to transfer the work one another.

Much has been done in innovation, we must study even more to go on. Subject of the collaboration of the industries of G7 nations, defined by the International Monetary Fund as the 7 major advanced economies: Canada (2018-turn Presidency), France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and United States of America. Also the representative of the EU and the President of the IMF have always attended the meetings.

The 43th  summit of G7 was held at Palacongressi in Taormina (ME), in Sicily, Italy, on 26th and 27th  May 2017, meeting chaired, as mandatory, by the Italian President of the Council. For the fourth consecutive time after the suspension of Russia from G8 in March 2014, the summit was held in the G7 format.

The G8 includes also the political aspect of States and needs a digression. The Russia of Putin would have well desired, and maybe deserved, to join the G7 Group. However, we are not going to stress political questions, not pertaining to the character of our notes, apart from the reasons for bad toleration as readers, already oppressed by the ongoing trifling of TG in the most different ambits. Moreover, while I am writing, Erdogan is more pressing than ever, since he would like to join us in some manner, for his own reasons. If you remember, some years ago, he even aimed at making Turkey become part of the European Union.