Skill and competence in very particular product executions, in terms of geometry and materials.

Bearings specialists

Thanks to the expertise gained in over 30 years of activity, Faro Bearings represents a valuable and skilled partner in the development of very particular product executions, in terms of geometry and materials.

Established in the early Eighties as trade reality, Faro Industriale at Calendasco (PC) soon acquired the cutting-edge technologies and processes that have allowed it to specialize also in the design and manufacturing of motion transmission components. In particular special radial and axial bearings with cylindrical, tapered and ball rollers. The activity is mainly addressed to foreign markets: mostly Germany but also to other Countries including Australia, Indonesia , South Africa , China and Taiwan.

«We are talking about  – the managing director Marino Bertoli says  – the approximate 65-70% share of our production. The remaining part is , on the contrary ,  addressed to Italy, where we are consolidating our position also thanks to important job orders acquired in recent times».

The Piacenza company operates, in fact, as competent and skilled partner in the development of very particular executions, both in terms of geometry and  materials used. Operational excellence allowing it to represent an effective alternative for those OEM and end-users that cannot find, within the products on the standard market, valid solutions complying with their technical requirements.

Not only machine tools and steel mill industry

Vertical section of bearing integrated with gear.

«Among the main application sectors that we serve –  Bertoli states  – we can mention the machine tools field, with design and manufacturing of axial and radial bearings with or without cage, to be supplied in P5 precision class or higher, besides the steel mill industry. For the latter, we supply bearings with several roller cylindrical rows, named Multiroll, mostly all used for roll neck bearings, axial bearings of simple effect or multi-stage, shells for cross joints».

Another sector of great interest is represented by the manufacturers of tubular roping machines. We refer to machines dedicated to the production of woven metal wire ropes, for which the company designs and develops thin-section radial bearings with cages made of special high strength ultra-light alloys. Those are technical peculiarities and properties that make them suitable for the high rotation speeds demanded in such applications.

In the ambit of the corrugated cardboard production, Faro itself offers a service of bearing spare part supply for operating machines, both out of production or based on state-of-the-art design; custom-developed solutions in this case, too.

«Our mission – Bertoli emphasizes – has always been to offer the best that the state-of-the-art allows in any applications for which we are called to contribute with our products».

Such approach identifies the company as competent and reliable partner and problem solver along the supply-chain of whatever supply.

Product quality from 20 to 2,200 mm of diameter

Expertise and skilled workers (the company can rely on the labour force of a work team composed by fifty employees), whose daily target is to provide product and service quality, starting from design, taking into account the precise applicative technical specifications.

Vertical section of axial bearing with tapered rolls.

Practically, all that results in the possibility of implementing bearings upon design (both radial and axial) with sizes included between a minimum bore of 20 and a maximum external diameter that can reach even2,200 mm.

«Another strong point that I would like to underline – Bertoli declares  – concerns the great skillfulness in the job order organization and management that characterizes our operational reality. And that allows us to produce and to deliver in very short times. An added value made possible by a streamlined and efficient structure, today deemed even more indispensable in a market, like the current one, where times become an important discriminating factor in terms of competitiveness».

A structure ruled by an organization chart that highlights the responsibility of all roles, added to a great attention to the environment, too. Concerning this, besides the quality manual that indicates the operational procedures to be undertaken in each step of the production course, since 2003 Faro has decided  to acquire a centralized plant for the coolant treatments and the disposal of grinding sludge. That plant was one of the steps that have permitted the company to certify the environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001.