BlueRoll, the new drive platform for AGVs and AMRs

BlueRoll, the new drive platform for AGVs and AMRs from Bonfiglioli

A new modular solution for driving AGVs and AMRs from Bonfiglioli is called BlueRoll. The system consisting of gear box and driving wheel in the so-called Basic version or with servomotors in the Advanced or Compact version is perfectly tailored to all customersā€™ needs.

BASIC, Precision Planetary Gearbox

Besides the basically required features like torque and speed range, this modular solution provides opportunities in all crucial aspects: compact dimensions, low-backlash gears, long-lasting brakes, low maintenance requirements, robustness, and efficiency, just to name a few. The new platform is an intelligent and reliable result of the deep know-how and far-reaching experience of Bonfiglioli collected in many demanding industries.

The heart of the new platform BlueRoll is the new wheel-mounted gearbox series TQW. A single unit of the three available sizes can load up to 360, 720, or 1,020 kilograms respectively, and still speeds up to two meter/second. The gearbox is very compact and almost completely enclosed by the wheel, so that the installation space is reduced.

ADVANCED, Servo geared motor

The compact design makes it extensively customizable for many applications. Thanks to the mounting flange with both threaded and pass-through holes, the TQW is very easy to install, and, on the vehicle-side, it can be fitted directly to the chassis. Furthermore, the wheel is supported directly by the reinforced gearbox bearings, which permit very high radial forces. Thanks to quality and precise planetary gears the BlueRoll platform avoids unplanned downtimes.

The BlueRoll Advanced version comes with a servo geared motor with a permanent magnet synchronous motor that matches the highest efficiency standards.

The version called BlueRoll Compact comes with an extra compact servo geared motor, saving 25 percent of the length of the BlueRoll Advanced system. In addition, it is designed to operate in S1 duty cycle with a reliable thermal optimization.

COMPACT, Extra compact Servo geared motor

The motors offered in Advanced and Compact version come with a wide range of feedback systems, including safety encoders.

The BlueRoll platform supports customers in making the most compact and efficient AGVs and AMRs, providing all the flexibility that is needed. From the Basic line with its easy-installable and high-performing gearbox including wheel, to the compactness and premium efficiency of the Compact line gearmotor, BlueRoll is composed to be the ideal solution for AGVs and AMRs.