Customization and environmental sustainability

With headquarters in Tuscany, in Poggibonsi (SI), FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche carries out its activity in two operational departments: the shell gravity casting foundry of aluminium alloys and the articulated machining department, where components and products are fully machined. A lean dynamic structure that, in its over 50 years of history, has succeeded in matching the customization care and a managerial management. Industries of all kinds appreciate these features, from the small-medium enterprise to the big multinational.

Costanza Conti Valiani, owner and president of the company

«Among the supplied sectors – explains Costanza Conti Valiani, owner and president of the companystand out manufacturers of food machines and plants, of building and agricultural machines, as well as of electric motors, pumps and compressors. For some of them, for a long time now, our relationship has extended from the conventional subcontracting to the role of prime contractor, with possibility of delivering assemblies like those implemented, for instance, for the power transmission, in-house mounted and equipped with our products and all necessary components».

High-productivity and quality process technologies

In the foundry department with shell gravity casting of aluminium alloys (with possibility of managing over 10 different alloys), FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche relies on 18 casting machines and some melting furnaces.

«In the division – Valiani specifies – we are introducing a new performing robotic isle that will allow increasing productions’ quality and typology, with a higher physical weight than before. Moreover, we have completed this robotic isle with two new melting furnaces and we have upgraded the software part of machines for optimized automation».

In the foundry department with shell gravity casting of aluminium alloys (with possibility of managing over 10 different alloys), FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche relies on 18 casting machines and some melting furnaces

The mechanical workshop is as technologically well-equipped, as it hosts three machining centres provided with pallet changer, numerous lathes (some of them robotized and with automated loader), a bar lathe, in addition to a grinding machine, threading, slotting and broaching machines, and a marking machine. Therefore, a broad availability of process technologies that grant productivity and quality.

«Quality granted and certified – Valiani underlines – not only on machine-board and/or in process, but also by the presence of a metrological room prearranged inside the mechanical workshop, where all the detections of the critical dimensions gradually demanded by customers are carried out».

Customization and environmental sustainability

FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche considers quality and environment protection as essential elements for its entrepreneurial strategy. Concerning this, the company applies an integrated Management System (quality and environment) conforming to UNI EN ISO 9001and UNI EN ISO 14001 regulations.

«The environmental sustainability –Valiani highlights– is integrated part of our daily actions, and not only. We have created a new work platform on the ‘re-use’ theme inside the circular economy and we are working on new development projects».

The successful keys to go on growing

FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche has been able to suit the new market dynamics, integrating its services in time, starting the production of pulleys, besides even more complex casting typologies, still in shell gravity. «We manufacture more than 2,000 component typologies every year– Valiani adds – with a high introduction of new ones. We are certainly proud of succeeding in in-house studying and finding solutions to complex problems. This due to the fact that we are a vertical integrated company that manages processes from the material casting to the machining, the control and the eventual assembly».

Manufacturing addresses foreign markets by around 35%, with a direct presence in the markets of France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Romania, but also South Africa and Turkey.

«Indirectly –Costanza Conti Valiani confirms– through the multinational companies that are our customers, the mechanical components that we produce are distributed in all continents, as well as in different sectors like those above mentioned. In brief, a made-in-Italy and, even more, a made-in-Tuscany diffused on a global scale».

With the vast majority of its plants interconnected according to the requisites demanded by Industry 4.0, FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche looks at the future with noteworthy growth ambitions.

«Considering the positive expectations – Costanza Conti Valiani ends– our future projects include also the assessment for building a new manufacturing site. We rely, in fact, on further 6,500 sq. m. of land, in addition to the 2,000 already built up, that is to say a space where we would like to give origin to a new manufacturing unit. The idea would be to maintain the foundry in the present historical headquarters, so moving the mechanical workshop and all connected activities to the new area».

A new unit, which should anyway remain strictly linked with the territory, always integral distinguishing part of FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche of yesterday, of today and of tomorrow.