Higher efficiency for the oil-lubricated screw compressor model S-4 by Boge

To satisfy customers’ growing demands for compressed air systems, possibly with low consumption in the power range included between 110 and 160 kW, Boge has revolutionized the structural principle of the oil-lubricated screw compressor model S-4. Decisive for a higher efficiency is the Effilence IntegrateDrive, the first integrated-drive screw group by Boge. The high compressor capacity allows high flow rates with low power absorption. The energy consumption of S-4 compressors decreases then to 8%. The integrated drive is hermetically encapsulated. The drive is therefore suitably protected from the big quantity of dust contained in the environment air, for instance in the typical flours of the food industry. This results in a long service life, over 35,000 operation hours and scarce maintenance needs. With 69 dB(A), the new generation of compressors has lower noise levels by 7 dB(A) compared to the previous model. Therefore, Boge has isolated the oil separator from the base frame and the soundhood to prevent the transmission of any vibration.

SEE ALSO THE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/IRSantufqI8