Eichenberger Gewinde, the Swiss thread specialist

En route as a pioneer in thread technology

The original, Speedy archetype, diameter 10 mm, pitch 50 mm.

The first of the high-helix screw drive originated in the Swiss village of Burg in the late 1980s. The rolled high-helix lead screw Speedy, with a diameter of 10 mm and a pitch of 50 mm, came into being a quarter of a century ago.

We live in the most efficient society ever. People require technologically based comforts. This will be the case in future too. For drive systems, users are now increasingly looking for economic, energy-saving overall solutions with low operating costs and machinery manufacturers expect a technological advance which reinforces its position in competition. The requirements for automated movement processes are therefore increasing at an unstoppable rate. Mechanics boosts and requires this necessity for the solution of practical tasks.

Eichenberger Gewinde AG has principally devoted itself to thread technology and has been rolling customer-specific, high-precision and sophisticated screws for five decades. The thread specialist has developed its own processes over the years. With a great wealth of experience and a great deal of technical know-how, it assists its partners in developing their innovations. Modern drive systems combine mechanics, electrical engineering and information technology. The thread specialist from Switzerland is aware that the adaptability of mechanically dynamic functional elements makes a considerable contribution to the success of projects in drive technology. It has been exhausting the potential contained therein in its pioneering role for a considerable amount of time.

The journey of the original Speedy started at the end of the 1980s
The success story of the Europe-wide ‘first cold-formed high-helix lead screw’ with the huge pitch ratio 10 x 50 mm therefore started at the end of the 1980s. A Swiss industrial company was looking for a very accurate and reliable drive solution for a novel measuring system. The servo-hydraulic linear amplifier formed the centre of this ultramodern testing facility. A milled, precisely working threaded slide drive should manage the integrated automation function, or the positioning or feed tasks. However, manufacture was extremely expensive. The customer was therefore looking for a high-precision and reliable lead screw which could be manufactured in the cost-effective thread rolling procedure. In thread rolling, the lengthwise fibres of the material are deflected rather than cut, in contrast to milling or turning. A compressed, smooth-rolled, extremely resilient surface is created. The company contacted Eichenberger – and it transpired that its dimensional requirements were established as high class: Diameter 10 mm with quintuple pitch. Although cold-formed sliding screws themselves have been known for many years, such highly rolled pitches were considered revolutionary at the time.
At the time, tool procurement was very limited and there were still no CNC-controlled machines able to fulfil these requirements. And it was therefore necessary to master two challenges simultaneously. On the one hand to manufacture the thread rolling tool for the high-helix screw, on the other hand to design the suitable tool for the nut.

Core competence thread rolling: infeed process.
Core competence thread rolling: infeed process.

Who invented it?
Over the years, the developers at Eichenberger intensively refined the cold-forming technology. Enormous know-how resulted and different screw types were created in the most diverse of dimensions, pitches and first and foremost thread profile forms. Symmetrical and asymmetrical thread forms were developed. Time and again, the constructors tinkered on the thread flank angles. Since then, countless customer solutions of a flank angle of between 8 and 120° have been rolled. The form of the spindle core section took centre stage time and again. As a result, basic thread profiles with a roof shape, different radii and thread core diameters, radii fusions, etc. are easy for the thread specialists from Burg.With extreme efficiency, speed and precision characterise the 10 x 50 mm high-helix lead screw. It was fittingly christened Speedy. The extraordinary qualities of Speedy are also attributable inter alia to the perfect combination of the rolled spindle with the plastic nut. More than a handful of excellent plastic suppliers exist which offer technical plastic specialities. The Swiss thread roller is in contact with them and is independent as it is not bound to a certain raw material. Accordingly, the correct plastic can be selected for the required application from the range and recommended to the customer.

Core competence thread rolling: run-through process.
Core competence thread rolling: run-through process.

Wafer-thin, minimum initial lubrication results in 15fold lifespan
High-helix lead screws are used everywhere where a rotational movement needs to be converted into a rapid lengthwise movement. Great abrasion resistance, a low friction coefficient and also absolute freedom from maintenance distinguish Speedy. Grease-free running is possible according to customer desires. Absolute dry running is often required from the outset. During the development process of tailor-made screw solutions, however, it is always apparent that the lifespan can be greatly increased in this point. With an absolutely careful, minimal initial lubrication, without subsequent lubrication, 15 x lifespan values were attained compared to dry running.

And today: igniting ideas are implemented on
If development, manufacture and quality assurance come from a single source, the movability in relation to the prototype draft, including thread rolling tools and final processing are possible within short timeframes. Thanks to these factors, flexible and competitive production can take place at demanding locations. Eichenberger has optimised and industrialised the high-helix screw drives. The thread roller explores the limits and dares new profile forms, exotic materials and dimensions with passion and flair. Extraordinary customer solutions are developed now on request (the most extreme dimensions to date: High-helix lead screw diameter 8 mm, pitch 600 mm).

The Swiss thread specialist

Speedy high-helix screw drive with plastic nut.

The necessity for solving practical tasks is perpetual. Eichenberger Gewinde AG successfully implements the opportunities contained therein and it managed to become established in the drive technology niche with tailor-made rolled thread drives. The Swiss thread specialist has clear objectives: Rolling – i.e. cold-forming of threads and the manufacture of thread drives (screw and nut). Using ultra-modern production methods and by the development of new dimensions, Eichenberger assists the customer in ‘his’ innovation.

  • Carry: Ball screw for applications where heavy loads must be moved with low energy consumption.
  • Carry Speedline: Wear-free high-helix ball screw for high moving speeds. The patented recirculating design combines low mass with a good price.
  • Speedy: The high-helix lead screw converts rotational motion into linear motion with high moving speeds. New: Some versions available in aluminium.
  • Rondo: The round thread lead screw with very quiet running New: Some versions available in aluminium.