eTensifier, the electric pump system distributed by Interfluid

HIP (High Pressure Equipment) introduces the eTensifier pump, the first-of-its-kind high-pressure electric pump system, distributed by Interfluid. The “plug and play” eTensifier simply plugs into a wall socket with no need for an air compressor. With eTensifier the noise level is decreased,  compared to pneumatic motors. Depending on the application (hydraulic tests, tool holding, tensioning and R&D) it can be used both in manual and automatic mode. The portable, lightweight (only 21 kg) eTensifier will deliver hydraulic/liquid pressures up to 2515 bar (36,500 psi) with a smoother flow rate from zero to full pressure and a quiet electric motor.  eTensifier also features an industry-first pressure test mode that allows you to set a defined pressure and walk away. In addition, the eTensifier features a new quick-connect system for exchanging HP liquid section to facilitate routine maintenance without taking the whole pump out of commission. The Smart Control allows both the manual and automatic pressure regulation. Thanks to the ProConnect function it is also possible to easily change the pump and the compression rate. eTensifier is CE Marked (240 V), features a patented motor (1.6 cv brushless DC 50Hz 9 Amp) with a 2 year warranty, an integral pressure transducer and cycle counter. Other features of eTensifier: fluid section in AISI, gaskets in contact with the fluid available in nitrile, Viton and EPR. For more information: