The consolidated competence of FAI Filtri in the field of the filter production

Filters, a long experience in the field    

The experience of FAI Filtri in the field of the filter production has consolidated and developed in thirty years of activity.Fig1_FAIFiltri

The human resources of FAI Filtri express the necessary potentialities to deal with the issues linked with process controls and product testing.

The organizational structure of FAI Filtri tends to a progressive improvement of business responsibilities and is oriented to an attentive achievement of targets and to a better and better mastery of the market.

The market that FAI Filtri addresses is worldwide, since it produces parts and components for Hydraulics, EDM and Oil separation.

The corporate structure develops and activates organizational procedures and processes, which adopt productive technologies targeted to the priority satisfaction of Customers

Among the numerous Fai Filtri product lines, stands out a series of complete filters and spin-on oil cartridges of different models and sizes for any filtering and use requirement, allowing an effective control of the contamination in hydraulic, lubrication and motor circuits.