Meccanica Besnatese can boast deep know-how in the manufacturing of linear tables

Flexibility and skills at the service of the product development

Specialized in subcontracting machining, Meccanica Besnatese can boast deep know-how also in the manufacturing of linear tables to be used in the production of machines, plants and automated systems, with a total design management: from the idea to the finished product.Fig_01A

Willingness to meet customers’ requirements, operational flexibility and technical skills. These are the tenets and the determinant factors that, in over forty years of history, have contributed in widening and consolidating the market position of Meccanica Besnatese. We are speaking of a company that today can rely on twenty employees, working on a production area of about 5,000 square metres at Besnate (Varese, Italy), expected to satisfy not only the requirements of subcontracting machining but also of design, development and production of linear tables with applications in the manufacturing of machines, plants and automation systems.

«In 2009 – explains the General Manager Fabrizio Severgnini – we decided giving more added value to our design and implementation competences and therefore we started developing our solutions in linear field».

Fabrizio Severgnini, general manager of Meccanica Besnatese at Besnate (Varese, Italy).
Fabrizio Severgnini, general manager of Meccanica Besnatese at Besnate (Varese, Italy).

Solutions that in these years have achieved very positive outcomes on the market, finding precise applications without pursuing big numbers but betting on quality and prompt answer in terms of product availability.

«Thanks to its great flexibility, – adds Severgnini – our organizational structure allows us to supply targeted products rapidly, by adapting them to single specific needs. Exactly in line with what the market requires today, with shorter and shorter times and dynamics».

With these preliminary conditions, today the company can then produce linear tables intended for the handling of objects and loads and for the development of automated devices in general. They are modular tables, which support motions (on roller or ball guides and re-circulating ball screws) according to the directions of Cartesian coordinates and with multi-axis orientations. Executions that reproduce the dimensions defined by international standards, or tailor-made according to single requirements of the customer.

In this context, the available range in the catalogue (constantly widened and upgraded) can be subdivided into executions of medium and medium-high precision, more suitable for much more demanding production systems (handling of tools, spindles etc.).

«We are progressively enlarging our table catalogue – adds Severgnini – with a range extension that does not only concern executions but at the same time also the improvement of technical and technological details, of components, performances and precision. Driven by the will of suiting the ever-rising market requirements and the availability of new and more performing components».

Standard and special quality

Following such approach, tables are developed starting from the devising of a specific project, from the choice of the most suitable machining, up to the real machining. Without forgetting the final testing, to which Meccanica Besnatese encloses the apposite certification, as total warranty. The product is then customized according to precise requests, following a co-design and co-engineering course, too, in order to facilitate an effective collaboration among the technical offices of the company and the customer. Willingness of dialoguing that goes beyond the delivery of the finished product, that’s to say the commissioning of the table itself, through eventual remarks about possible improvements to be carried out. Added value of product uniqueness that results in the widest application array in the most different sectors. The workable dimensions of the table bodies can in fact reach the notable 3,000 x 6,000 mm sizes, while the machinable weight of table bodies reaches 10 t (even 20 t for assembled groups). Thanks to the gained experience, upon demand, multi-axis systems can be also assembled on modular aluminium structures or steel structural works properly dimensioned.

Emilio Vignola, technical office manager at Meccanica Besnatese.
Emilio Vignola, technical office manager at Meccanica Besnatese.

From subcontracting machining to final assembly

In addition to the design and production of linear tables, as already underlined, Meccanica Besnatese proposes its activity at the service of enterprises also for the manufacturing of pieces or assemblies defined according to single specifications. In particular, the company supplies the following activities: stock removal machining executed upon designs provided by the buyer or designs defined starting from specific needs and requirements of the customer; dimensional control on components in-house implemented and on parts supplied by customers (the testing is followed by the release of apposite conformity certificates); assemblies of mechanical groups starting both from finished components supplied by the customer and from workpieces previously machined according to the buyer’s deliveries. Also in this case, the company’s contribution can go beyond the simple application of external directives but, where requested, it intervenes also in the design phase, putting in practice the single needs from the preliminary design up to the assembly of a whole mechanical group. Finally, as far as prototyping is concerned, machining processes of single pieces and of small batches are possible. The flexibility, the competences and the machine fleet at disposal allow the company to face the most specific requests, not only working on job orders of minimum impact but also acquiring the equipment to implement special pieces, tailor-made for specifics demands.

Product quality and innovation, coupled with a range of services for the impeccable subcontracting machining, are permitting the company to look positively at the Italian market and at the main European markets, too.