International Gear Conference, 27th – 29th August, 2018 Lyon – Villeurbanne


Although gears are considered as some of the oldest machine elements, 21st century industry is becoming ever more dependent on mechanical transmissions due to increasing competitive pressure and more stringent environmental regulations. As a result, current industrial needs are centred on higher power to weight ratios, robustness, power loss reductions and improved noise and vibration behaviour.

In the continuity of the highly successful  International Gear Conference held in Lyon in 2014, this upcoming event aims to provide a forum for the most recent advances in modern mechanical transmissions in the context of emerging applications such as wind turbines, hybrid/electric car transmissions and jet engines, to name but a few.

To this end, authors are invited to submit original research articles which stimulate the continuing efforts to understand and improve the behaviour of mechanical transmissions. Papers are solicited on all aspects of gear and power transmission technology regardless of application. The organising committee is particularly interested in topical issues in the following (non-exclusive) research areas:

  • Gear noise and vibration, experiments and simulations.
  • New gear design.
  • New manufacturing techniques.
  • Design and simulation methods for gear transmissions.
  • Gear materials, heat treatments, coatings.
  • Power losses and efficiency in gearboxes, low-loss gears, minimum lubrication.
  • All relevant failure modes in gears and rolling-element bearings such as pitting, micro-pitting, scuffing, bending fatigue, etc.
  • Plastic gears
  • New lubricants, additives and lubrication methods.
  • Interactions between tribological and dynamic behaviour; modelling of damping.
  • Mechanical components: belts, chains, bearings, seals
  • Testing – Development of specific test rigs and/or new test procedures.

Prospective authors planning to present a paper at the International Gear Conference are invited to submit a 400 word abstract by 1st September 2017 using the conference website at All submissions must be either Microsoft word documents (DOC, DOCX) or Portable Document Files (PDF). The abstracts will be reviewed by the Organising Committee and notifications will be sent to the authors by 31st December 2017. Final manuscripts should be written using the templates available at and uploaded on the conference website by 30th April 2018. The accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings provided to all attendees.

English is the official language of the conference.

Organising committee:

National committee

Samuel BECQUERELLE, (SAFRAN Transmission Systems)



Christophe CHANGENET, (ECAM)

Jean-Pierre DE VAUJANY, (INSA – LaMCoS)


Lionel MANIN, (INSA – LaMCoS)




Philippe VELEX, (INSA – LaMCoS), Conference Chair

Fabrice VILLE, (INSA – LaMCoS)

International committee (provisional)

Christian BRECHER                      University of Aachen (Germany)

David DOONER                              University of Puerto-Rico (USA)

Alfonso FUENTES                          Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)

Carlo GORLA                                   Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Haruo HOUJOH                             Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

Ahmet KAHRAMAN                       Ohio State University (USA)

Aizoh KUBO                                     Res. Inst. for Applied Sciences, Kyoto (Japan)

Teik LIM                                           University of Cincinnati (USA)

Geng LIU                                          Northwestern Polytech. University (China)

Rathindranath MAITI                    IIT Kharagpur (India)

Susumu MATSUMOTO                  Waseda University (Japan)

Ichiro MORIWAKI                          Kyoto University (Japan)

Domenico MUNDO                         University of Calabria (Italy)

H. Nevzat OZGUVEN                     Mid. East Technical University Ankara (Turkey)

José PEDRERO                               UNED (Spain)

Datong QIN                                       Chongqing University (China)

Bernd SAUER                                   University of Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Berthold SCHLECHT                      University of Dresden (Germany)

Jorge SEABRA                                 University of Porto (Portugal)

Brian SHAW                                     University of Newcastle (UK)

Zhaoyao SHI                                     Beijing University of Technology (China)

Avinash SINGH                                General Motors (USA)

Karsten STAHL                                 Technische Universität München (Germany)

Peter TENBERGE                             Bochum Universität (Germany)

Stephanos THEODOSSIADES      Loughborough University (UK)

Fernando VIADERO                       University of Cantabria (Spain)


With 1.2 million inhabitants, Lyon is the capital city of the Rhone Alps region and the second largest city in France after Paris. In 1998, Lyon received the UNESCO World Heritage Award on the strength of the continuity of its urban settlement over more than two millennia, from Roman times to the present day. The city still retains its distinctive Renaissance feel.

Lyon today is one of the most attractive cities in Europe, home to renowned international companies and major decision centres. It is also a gateway to the rest of the world with its international airport (St Exupery) and the high-speed (2-hour) TGV train connection to the centre of Paris and Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

 For many years, Lyon has also been recognised as the gastronomic capital of France and the world with some internationally famous restaurants as well as more modest but excellent ‘bouchons’, traditional family-run eateries serving delicious home-made fare.

Lyon is also the French centre of academic research on gearing with INSA Lyon, ECAM Lyon and ECL, Engineering Universities (“Grandes Ecoles”), the INSA-ECAM-SAFRAN Chair on Innovative Mechanical Transmissions in Aeronautics, the CETIM-INSA and ECL-VIBRATECH joint laboratories on mechanical transmissions, Ingénierie@L CARNOT Institute, etc. which are sponsoring this International Gear Conference.

Conference dates:    

From 27th to 29th August, 2018.

Conference venue:

The conference will be held at the conference centre ‘Espace Tête d’Or’ which is located 103 Boulevard Stalingrad, Lyon-Villeurbanne, near the Parc de la Tête d’Or and only 1 km from INSA Lyon.

Conference fees:

Early registration (before 1st May 2018):     600 €

Registration after 1st May 2018:                    700 €

Reduced rate for Doctoral Students:             450 €

The conference fees include the proceedings, 3 buffet lunches plus refreshments at the conference venue and the Gala Dinner at the world-famous restaurant Bocuse on the evening of Tuesday 28thThose accompanying attendees may register for the Gala Dinner only at a cost of 120 € before 15th July 2018.

Conference website:

Further information concerning travel arrangements, accommodation, paper submission etc , may be found on the conference website at:

Contact: Philippe VELEX at


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