Mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatic components

From power transmission to hydraulics and pneumatics

Thanks to its wide business offer, Scala is a valid partner able to supply not only quality products, but also services and ideas to develop, in co-design and co-engineering with its clients, complete and added value systems.

Scala is able to supply units completed with linear motors.

Offer products, services and also ideas able to make our customers more and more competitive through innovation, efficiency and the high quality of the machines made.

This is the mission of Scala, a company founded in 1956, with its headquarters in Torri di Quartesolo (Vicenza, Italy) and branches in Mantova, Trento and Treviso, specialized in providing solutions addressed to producers of industrial machinery and structured in the following sectors: power transmission, removal of chips (with specialized consulting for mechanical processing), pneumatics and hydraulics.

«The power transmission sector – says Alberto Benvenuti, Mamaging Director of Scala – represents for us the main one in which we offer a wide typology of items and which allow managing both linear and rotating power transmission».

Alberto Benvenuti, Managing Director of Scala Spa.

Which means bearings, supports, transfers, belts, gear drives, chains, racks, pulleys, free wheels, brakes, linear guides, couplings, raceway rails, spindles, ball screws, etc. For a long time inside this sector, the division of “electromechanical automation” has been operating with high technical content products and services and with which the company, after studying and verifying the applications, is able to offer a complete set of solutions which includes mechanics, electronics and, if required, software too.

«In this way – continues Benvenuti – our company meets its clients as technical interlocutors able to suggest and implement new applications which can help them to beat price competition through innovation and a higher efficiency of the machines made».

Some products which belong to this sector are for example ball screws with an integrated electrical engine which allow a great energy saving compared with the traditional hydraulic systems; a system with a roller pinion called “RPS”, whose particular characteristics (patented at a worldwide level), guarantee no play, very high speeds and both rotating and linear positioning mistakes which are difficult to obtain for traditional rectified racks and pinions.

Details of a precision roller pinion system, distributed by Scala of Torri di Quartesolo (Vicenza, Italy).

Product and service quality

Also for the chips removal sector, Scala is able to supply specialized consulting on the various types of mechanical works such as milling, turning, drilling, boring, tapping and for the equipment of traditional tools, with a numerical control and high speed. Products that can be supplied cover all the range of items which are necessary for mechanical works such as inserts, mills, nibs, angle heads up to measurement tools.

«In the pneumatics and hydraulics department – concludes Alberto Benvenuti – we offer a wide range of cylinders, decelerators, valves, fittings, vacuum plants and ready to use oil-hydraulic stations. It is also important to add that our structure is also able to supply for the most diversified  sectors also particulars under import drawing such as pulleys, pinions, toothed wheels, flanges, shafts, forgings, besides hand tools, electrical and pneumatic tools, measuring instruments, adhesives, abrasives,  plastic and rubber materials».

Therefore, quality products but also services and ideas aimed at providing the customer with a high added value.  For several years, this intention has been translated in a synergy that combines the continuous search of products with a high technical and innovative content, the training of personnel, specialized consulting in before and after sales and in the continuous support to the customer in the search of an innovative solution which will give higher efficiency, better performance, energy saving and an increased reliability.

«In other words – says Benvenuti – a common research towards the achievement of  excellence. This is the approach that we want to follow in our daily selling activity».