From the gear to the reduction unit

The capability of matching at best experience, technology, quality and operational flexibility allows a Como company to propose itself to the market in timely and effective way, to satisfy the most various requirements at best.

Sheet metal working machines, steel rolling plants, shipbuilding sector and oil industry: these are the main application sectors supplied by Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche, Como company specialized in the gear production for over half century.

Structural detail of a bronze toothed crown.
Structural detail of a bronze toothed crown.

It is managed by Alberto Fusetti, managing director, called to run an entrepreneurial reality that, established in the Fifties as small mechanical turning workshop, today can propose itself as outstanding reference partner in the manufacturing of completely assembled reduction units, besides gears, pinions, racks and transmission gears of various type. A structure that employs about twelve people in the plant at Rovello Porro (Como, Italy), with a turnover that in 2013 reached 2 million Euros.

«Far – specifies Fusetti – from the 3 million Euros reached in 2008 but, at the same time, growing thanks to a diversification of operational ambits that has allowed us to dampen the effects of a market not so sparkling anymore, and increasingly difficult to interpret ».

Lifting reduction gear for steel plant crane implemented and assembled by Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche.
Lifting reduction gear for steel plant crane implemented and assembled by Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche.

Technologies constantly upgraded

An attentive management that never, neither in those years, has neglected one of the most important aspects that have determined the company’s growth: the constant technological upgrading.

«Our machine fleet – underlines Fusetti – today consists of various CNC gear cutting machines, tooth gear cutting machines, also for interiors, as well as thread cutting machines, grinders, CNC lathes and 3 and 5 axis machining centres. Just starting from 2009 we have installed five CNC machines, with huge financial investments but with the immediate and positive effect of being able to offer further machining possibilities to the market ».

Last in order of time was for instance a 6-axis gear cutting machine, purchased last year in January, which has allowed widening the diameter machining range up to a maximum of 3,000 mm. Currently become the feather in the cap of the workshop, the machine completes the gear machining opportunities, in addition to the other equipment able to manufacture pieces with even 5 mm of diameter.

«A new machine – adds Fusetti – that adds value to our production departments and widens opportunities. Thanks to it we have for instance acquired a job order for module- 20 pinions, in line with the requirements of delivery terms and quality expressed by the customer. This gear cutting machine will be in its turn joined by a further machine, with delivery scheduled in the course of the current year, for the machining of medium-size diameters, that’s to say up to about 1,200 mm».

Constant innovation that allows keeping pace with the market needs in terms of technological upgrading. As in the case of the operational performances offered by another machine recently bought. In this case it is another tooth gear cutting machine for internal and external operations that, unlike the traditional machining, operates with the so called spiral cycles; that’s to say with the advantage of generating higher execution speeds, stock removals of very few hundredth per stroke, almost inexistent tool wears, in favour of the gear profile quality and much shorter cycle times.

The innovation is accomplished through the introduction of new machining methodologies, like the one making possible the gear cutting with insert cutter, suitable for favouring a notable reduction of the necessary times to complete the process, without neglecting, as always, its quality.

A business policy of renovation and investments that plays a determinant role also in terms of human resources, through the involvement of all collaborators, motivating them to satisfy the manifold needs coming from the market, as well as providing for the engagement of new technical figures.

«Concerning this – specifies Fusetti – together with the purchase of the new gear cutting machine, we have employed a new foreman who has, actually, widened our know-how and our technical potential ».

From the process to the product and the complete supply

The productive activities carried out upon design and as subcontractors essentially concern the gear cutting, broaching, grinding, turning, milling and the mounting and assembly of reduction gears.

Alberto Fusetti, managing director of Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche at Rovello Porro (Como, Italy).
Alberto Fusetti, managing director of Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche at Rovello Porro (Como, Italy).



«Activities carried out with the best rapidity and flexibility – adds Fusetti – in line with the changed requirements of a market that increasingly reduces the lead time, but which at the same time does not give up the highest process and product quality ».

Quality assured by the company’s total management and control of the productive cycle, permitting to grant the constant product monitoring during its whole machining.

«In each single machining phase – adds Fusetti – the components undergo continuous dimensional controls that, coupled with the accurate choice of suppliers and of structural materials, grant the reliability of our products in all respects, not only metallurgical and mechanic but also of traceability etc.».

The variety of the application fields in which are used the products manufactured by Fusetti has led the company to refine the production techniques on various materials, thus creating the conditions for boasting deep experience in the machining of alloyed steels, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and plastic materials.

The company can supply subcontracting gear cutting and grinding and finished pieces upon design: straight or helical gear cutting up to a diameter that, thanks to the new gear cutting, reaches 3,000 mm; gear cutting and grinding of grooved shafts; gear cutting and grinding of worm screws, internal gear cutting, broaching in general, worm screws-bronze crowns pairs; racks, special reduction gears upon design.

Starting from the single specifications of customers, Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche, can execute the complete supply, including the assembly of groups like reduction gears, overgears, speed gears, angular transmissions. A flexibility that allows supplying both single special groups with electrowelded cases and series of groups implemented with the use of iron castings.

«Over the years – ends Alberto Fusetti – we have also specialized in the overhaul, reconditioning and repair of reduction gears installed on old plants for which it is for instance difficult to find spare parts, like old drawbenches, steel plants, cranes, mills. We can survey directly from the plant the overall dimensions of the reduction gear and study a structural sizing of a model perfectly interchangeable with the existing one».

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