High-quality linear axes

Manufactured by the Italian company Impex Tecniche Lineari since 1992 and marketed with Movitec brand, high-quality linear axes are one of the company’s outstanding solutions.

«We were the first manufacturer in Italy of this kind of product, born from the demand by one customer that needed linear axes with specific characteristics», explains Fabio Piergentili, managing director of Impex Tecniche Lineari. «Currently, Movitec products are subdivided into five families: electromechanical linear tables, pneumatic linear tables, bi-rail and one-rail linear modules belt-drive, linear units and “micro” electromechanical linear tables. These product families are based on a standard technology, from which we start. From here onwards, our highlight, consisting of special design, comes into play. Starting from standard products, after analysing customers’ requirements, we can customize the base product, also through accessories that we produce. We also assure the after-sale service, in time, on the various components of the solution».

From the left: Fabio Piergentili, managing director of Impex Tecniche Lineari and Maurizio Torba, Engineering Production Manager of Impex Tecniche Lineari

Versatile and user-friendly products

The products marketed by Impex Tecniche Lineari include Eichenberger-branded screws and nuts and tool breakage monitoring systems by Middex. Moreover, the company is the reference partner for Italy of Rollvis, Swiss leader company in the sector of satellite roller screws.

«The products by the three companies address very different sectors one another», Piergentili specifies. «This allows us to reach better mutually different market ambits. These brands have been chosen for their quality, versatility but also for their user-friendliness. Eichenberger products are enhanced also in our Movitec-branded solutions. They have been chosen for their versatility, especially concerning micro-screws, which are available in a very broad standard range in small diameters and various pitches. Therefore, they are suitable for micro-automations and niche sectors, which need speed and precision in narrow spaces. They can be supplied with special steels for sectors like food, white and medical chambers.

Middex products originate from the need of automating the various production types. Therefore, they are suitable for integration in automated drilling, milling, threading and boring lines. They allow checking the tool condition without blocking the manufacturing system and especially in places considered inaccessible.

Finally, Rollvis is an excellence brand in the area of satellite roller screws, because it manufactures the customized satellite roller screws according to customers’ designs, starting from standard data and specifications of the various catalogue models. We give the specific technical support to the various projects to facilitate the manufacturer in supplying the most suitable strategies and models for customers’ demands».

Some of the products marketed by Impex Tecniche Lineari: Eichenberger screw drives and nuts, tool monitoring probes by Middex, Rollvis satellite roller screws

High-level consulting

Impex approaches its customers staking on high-quality advice. «Since the origins – tells Maurizio Torba, member and Engineering Production Manager of Impex Tecniche Lineari, as well as son of the company founder – the company has always aimed at standing out for the technical reliability, which results in a high-quality technical consulting for customers.

We are integral part of our customers’ requirements. Movitec products, in particular, are integrated into end-users’ machines. For this reason, we work in co-design with our customers because, to provide the right solution of a product, we have first to understand the final customer’s processes, addressing him towards the most suitable choice. This professional advice is applied to the products we distribute, too.

To let new customers know us, besides availing ourselves of the standard advertising channels, we bet on the consulting quality: that is our first sale tool».

Movitec TVP250 linear table with double drive, mechanical locking system and service pin

During the collaboration with customers, in the machine co-design, the consultants of Impex Tecniche Lineari are committed to understanding what processes they really use. «In this way – Torba adds – we can customize the product and supply the most suitable services.

Considering the broad range of products that we can configure, it is important to choose and to supply customers with the most advantageous linear axis in economic terms, at the same time able to supply the performances required».

Piergentili comments: «Competence, expertise and constant research are the three strong points that characterize us. Each novelty demanded to us represents a challenge to improve the product that we propose. All this also allows us to approach areas where we have never operated.

Another highlight of ours consists in giving the interchangeability possibility in time; if a customer should ask us for an axis with over 10 years of history, to be replaced in one of its machines, we switch on our database to identify it and to manufacture the axis again it with today’s technology». Impex Tecniche Lineari has customers operating all over the world.

«We supply the solutions best suiting their requirements, providing quality and speed in deliveries, also for customized products», Piergentili explains.

high-quality linear axes
Gantry system with linear modules Bi Rail MCP130 and MVP130 with belt and screw drives

«Our company, thanks to the strong customization that characterizes our product, succeeds in working also in hard times like the ones we are living», Torba affirms. «Through the resellers, we reach also nations like Brazil or India. We have managed to have a global ranking through automotive, sector where we have operated for years with technical innovative solutions that have been appreciated everywhere. Our axes have been demanded in European Countries such as Switzerland, Germany, France and others, but also on a global scale, in nations like Brazil, U.S.A., Canada, China and India».