High technology for heat exchangers

Also the so-called “mature” technologies can propose products with excellent technical characteristics.

Excellent technology. This has always been the market strategy of Flovex, an Italian company based in Grezzago (Milan, Italy) that, for over thirty-five years, has been specialized in the production of high technology heat exchangers.

Exchanger for oil cooling of a gearbox.

Over the years, the initial peak product, the classical tube bundle exchanger mainly used in fluid processes, has evolved in the capacity of providing “ad hoc” exchange systems, i.e. able to be used in more applicative areas and, often, totally on customer specifications.

The evolution of functionality characteristics and use of its products, has allowed Flovex to become a supplier partner of great industrial realities in various production sectors such as thermo-electrical, thermonuclear, naval, metallurgic, oil & gas, renewable energies.

The wide range of products and destination markets has also required the compliance with quite a large number of national and international regulations.

Flovex exchangers are designed and built in compliance with all the common international standards, included: ASME VIII Div. 1 American Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Tema Standard, Classe B, C & R; API American Petroleum Standards Institute;  AD 2000 Merkblatt,  VSR,  Codap,  Stoomwezen,  Australian Standards, NR-13. Flovex also has experience in manufacturing products that are certified in compliance with M.O.M. Singapore, KOSHA Corea, GOST Russia, C.N.R. Canada, DOSH Malaysia. Since 1999 Flovex is accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for the construction and marking of products with the universally recognized “U” stamp. In addition, since July 2003, the company has been ISO 9001:2000 certified, and operates in accordance with ‘Ped’ regulation.

Quality and safety have always characterized Flovex products. In Flovex quality research starts from the process of dimensioning and design. According to Flovex’s vision, an exchanger must not only perform the necessary heat transfer, but must also allow correct management of fluid-dynamic parameters such as pressure drop, maximum speed, capacity, etc…..to maximize efficiency and efficacy of heat transportation.

To reach high quality results, the technical office of the company used the most advanced thermo-dynamic and mechanical design techniques. Calculations for dimensioning and design are performed with the program created by the American Research Institute HTRI (Heat Transfer Research Institute).

Membership to HTRI allows Flovex to be constantly kept up-to-date on the latest research about heat transfer.

Today Flovex’s activities are mainly oriented in the Oil & Gas sector and its satellite activities, which represent about 80% of the activities of the company; also the industrial applications in the hydraulic area are very important, the “historical” sector where the company started to operate.

Wide selection of standard products

There are many products in the Flovex catalogue: from the traditional exchangers of bundle tube type with integral fins of the “ST” series for small and medium potentiality works, to the “EM” family which includes exchangers for medium and high potentialities with various form factors made with various materials, and up to the “WE” series suitable for applications with very high potentialities; the WE series exchangers have an  extractable bundle tube, with capacities up to 500 lt/min, they can have a transfer surface up to more than one thousand square meters.

Tubes with integral fins guarantee the maximum ratio between efficiency and strength. The use of the finned tube has proved to be the winning solution related to costs and to obstructions and to resistance to dirt (duration of the exchanger) even three times higher than traditional tube exchangers.

The WE series also has a double seal on the floating plate and spy ring, to guarantee maximum and complete separation of the two fluids also in the case of breakage of the gaskets.

The exchangers of the FC family have particular execution as the bundle tube is made of a copper tube with high efficiency integral fins spirally wound. Besides having very low water consumption, this particular type of construction, can be used in cases of strong thermal “stress” as their bundle can be freely expanded. Besides being suitable for mounting on a tank and externally, they are particularly indicated to be inserted inside high power oil bath transmission devices.

In the catalogue there are also particular executions such as the DP series, the exchangers of which have a duplex structure with diverter valves and the BP series with floating head exchangers for high temperatures.

The head office of Flovex at Grezzago, Milan (Italy).

Quality and Adaptability

Flovex entrusts the safety of its products to a wide series of controls. First of all the welding department performs approvals both for processes and welding operators in compliance with international standards such as ASME IX, EN15614-1 and EN 287-1.

Secondly, the exchangers are strictly checked and verified both by the internal Quality department and by external inspectors.

The functional check of products is done through hydrostatic and pneumatic tests, using compressed air to check the safety of the tube-plate junction. In addition, they can also be tested individually with pressure or through nondestructive controls. Upon request, also special checks such as P.T., U.T., PMI Examination, Rt and post-welding heat treatments can be carried out in qualified laboratories.

Regarding the construction materials, the choice is accurate and coherent with the applicative technologies: copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloys (admiralty, naval brass…), titanium, monel, duplex and superduplex; a warehouse with certified materials enables to respond to any need at short notice.






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