Gambini opened a new German branch in Munich

Gambini Meccanica was founded in 1978 and it has specialized mainly in the production of transmission gears. It was born as an hand-crafted reality, while today it is a certified company (UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 related to Quality Management System and OHSAS 18001/2007 related to Occupational Health and Safety Management System), technologically advanced and structured with state-of-the-art and continuously updated production plants. Internally Gambini Meccanica has highly qualified personnel in order to offer customized answers to the most complex demands of every customer. Today, thanks to the production flexibility and to the industrial automation, Gambini Meccanica is able to realize products with high competitive prices in all over the world, both with standard features and with the most elaborate customizations.

The company has just moved to a new factory in Pesaro (Italy), which presents a surface of 7.000 square meters with an advanced logistics system. Moreover, it has recently opened a new German branch in Munich: «Gambini Deutschland GmbH» which offers high-quality and high-tech services.

The productive technologies employed in Gambini Meccanica are constantly certified and thanks to the great investment capacity and to a continuous technological innovation the company is able to produce products with the maximum accuracy.

In the manufacturing of all products it is necessary to face a huge number of problems, but, thanks to the exclusive advantage deriving from the experience of its technicians, Gambini Meccanica is able to face with great ability the various requests of the Italian and foreign companies. Gambini Meccanica want to be on the cutting edge in Italy but also all over the world, by employing not only really accurate machines (e.g. the new self-sufficient Robotized Area in the racks’ grinding department), but also advanced computer systems such as the new KISSsoft software. This is a software packet which allows to calculate the various elements of machines and particularly the gears. The software is rounded out by supplementary modules performing such tasks as tolerance calculations and conversions between different hardness systems.Luigino Gambini, founder of Gambini Meccanica.

When used in keeping with currently valid standards (DIN, ISO, AGMA), this software serves as a quick, high-quality tool for sizing machine elements, reviewing calculations, determining component strength, and documenting safety factors and product life parameters.

The activity of Gambini Meccanica consists in the production of every type of toothed pulleys, gears (from module 0.5 to module 30), toothed wheels, metric and modular racks (from module 0.5 to module 30), splined shafts, endless screws, trapezoidal screws, screws nuts, plate wheels, pinions, reduction gears, pneumatic pumps, endless screws reduction gears, speed gearboxes as per plan of the customer and their assembly.

Gambini Meccanicais one of the Italian leaders in the production of ground and not ground racks, with various types of treatments, and since November 2009 in the induction hardening treatment, so that we can guarantee high quality standards such as Quality 5 and 6.

The company is able to supply not only already successful products but also to provide our maximum helpfulness and experience. It can offer many products of high quality among which Customers can find the component which suits perfectly their needs and the subjects, who have already proved Gambini Meccanica’s collaboration, know perfectly that they can choose among a range of products manufactured totally inside the firm, starting from the raw material until their assembly and by using the most advanced technical solutions. Gambini Meccanica is constantly oriented to the maximum satisfaction of the Customer with products and services which reach always new qualitative targets.

Another innovation recently introduced by Gambini Meccanica is the new catalogue in which are included and described all the products (racks, gears, ecc.) and their specifications (module, dimensions, material, ecc.).

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Luigino Gambini, founder of Gambini Meccanica.