Heat Exchangers

OMTOMT started its business in 1967 as a small manufacturer of hydraulic components, operating from a modest building on the outskirts of Treviglio, a small town between Milan and Bergamo.
Rapid growth of the company necessitated two moves to more adequate facilities. Right from the beginning customers appreciated the Company’s capacity for innovation and its “state of the art” technology. In 1996 the decision was taken to build a new and much larger production site in the industrial estate of nearby Calvenzano. This was designed with future expansion in mind. The actual premises have been built on a 22.000 sqm area, of which 8.000 sqm are covered.
OMT started in 2003 to expand facilities in order to accommodate the Heat Exchangers, Coolers & Cooling Systems manufacturing unit. OMT Aluminum Heat Exchangers–Air to Oil Coolershave been designed to be used on the return line of theHydraulic Systems. The special structure of thecooler element in aluminium alloy increases the conductivity quality. High quality materials and thebraze welding process of the conduits allow a high thermic exchange and a good resistance to pressure. OMT Water to Oil Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers (Water to Oil Coolers) feature cutting-edge technology solutions to make them reliable even in hard working conditions. The water circuit is inspectable and designed to get the maximum water saving. The tube bundle is made of a very high number of thin tubes to optimize the thermal yield up to 75 kW within a compact layout. All the copper tubes are rolled into the tube plates to achieve the best performance even in case of vibrations.