Polymer bearing technology in railway systems

igus puts new polymer material on track

Complies with EU fire protection standard: igus puts new polymer material on track. Developed for railway vehicles by the motion plastics specialist, iglidur RW370 complies with the standard EN 45545.

In the food industry, clean rooms or medical technology – Standards ensure maximum safety in sensitive areas. iglidur RW370 now being offered by igus is a special polymer material that complies with EN 45545, the new European fire protection standard for railway vehicles.

iglidur RW370 complies with EN 45545 and features a high degree of resistance to diverse media and wear (Source: igus GmbH).

In the area of transportation, it is essential that mechanical components are stable, strong and reliable and have a long service life. In applications with a high number of cycles where weather conditions fluctuate, maintenance-free continuous operation is especially important. Due to the use of wear-resistant high-performance polymers from igus, it is not only possible to do without external lubrication; valuable resources can also be saved due to optimised sliding pairs with high degrees of efficiency. In addition to having these qualities, the new iglidur RW370 bearing material from igus also complies with the new European standard for railway vehicles.

iglidur RW370 for better fire protection

Wherever there are special safety requirements, special materials have to be used. EN 45545 unifies country-specific EU fire protection regulations, thus increasing safety in railway vehicles and in the railway infrastructure. The new material iglidur RW370 not only complies with the stipulations of this standard but is also resistant to harsh media and is extremely wear resistant. The new material is used in door guides and  hinges, as well as in rotating joints and adjusting mechanisms for seats and tables.

Polymer bearing technology for use in many different ways in railway systems

The new material is used for a wide range of bearing technology products from igus within rail transportation systems. In addition to iglidur RW370, the igus product range includes heavy-duty bearings made of iglidur Q2, which are used in running gear, brake systems and coupling systems for the railways. In addition to plain bearings, igus supplies maintenance-free lead-screw units for motion applications in switchgear and drives for points, doors and ramps. The product range contains not only different pitches and sizes but also different versions, including pre-loaded solutions that remain clearance-free for the whole of their service life. Especially convenient for customers: the Product Finder and Service Life Calculation on the Internet. igus also supplies lubrication-free xiros polymer ball bearings that remain maintenance-free for their entire service life. For ease of use in day-to-day operation, igus also has the appropriate solution: sliding rail systems for seat adjustment mechanisms and ergonomic requirements at the workplace are clearance-free and vibration-dampening due to the Pre-load function.